How to Treat My Baby's Booboos?

Your little-one bumped their head or fell and got a scratch, and they are (rightfully) not happy about it.

As a parent, you have to be prepared to play nurse more than once. So here are a few tips on what to do when your baby has a booboo.

What to Do if My Baby Has a Booboo?

From newborn to about 6 months old, babies get rarely hurt as their movements are limited. But as soon as they start exploring around, their adventurous instincts will lead them into the most exciting but not always safest places, even if you have perfectly secured your house.

The very first thing to do when your baby gets hurt is to reassure them. Feeling your calm and reinsuring presence will help them calm down so you can assess the situation and take proper care of the them.

You may then face 4 different scenarios:

1. It was just a scare

More often than not, babies cry out of surprise, fear or in response to a sudden reaction from their parent to what just happened.

Once baby can talk, a tip is to ask them "Fear or pain?". If the answer is 'fear', concentrate on reinsuring and hold tight until they let go. 

If the answer is 'pain,' have them point to where it hurts as it might be the most apparent booboo that hurt the most.

2. There is no visible wound (just a bruise)

If you baby got hit but there is no open wound or blood, you can use this very French tip from Cecile's grandmother: apply butter. Butter has unique properties that prevent the skin from bruising. Apply butter immediately after the hit and you'll see that the skin won't bruise. 

You can also apply ice to decrease the pain. Important warning: always place a cloth between the ice (pad) and your baby's skin as the direct contact with ice can severely burn your baby's skin and make more damage than good. 

3. Your baby has a scratch

Clean the area with a clean, damp cloth and mild soap. Then apply an antiseptic ointment that will help with healing and seal with a "magic kiss" that will take the pen away.

3. Your little has an open wound

First, take the time to go wash your hands thoroughly. Then clean the wound with water and soap and apply pressure with a clean, humid cloth for a minute. If the bleeding doesn't stop, go to your nearest Urgent Care to get professional help. Try to maintain pressure until you reach the Urgent Care. 

4. Your baby bumped their head

Bump on the head are not to take lightly on kids any age but even more so on babies. If baby does not stop crying, if they vomit or loose consciousness, it can be signs of severe trauma and you need to seek immediate assistance (911 or local ER). If your baby calms down and does not show further signs of distress, apply ice (remember: always place a cloth between the ice and your baby's skin) and monitor your baby's behavior in the following hours. It is always safer to call your pediatrician or care provider to get professional suggestions when head injuries occur.

Can I Use La Petite Creme on My Baby's Booboos?

Certified Organic, EWG Verified, and made with only natural ingredients, La Petite Creme has plenty of wonderful benefits.

Even if the primary purposes of our diapering lotion and diaper balm are to prevent diaper rashes, their disinfecting and healing properties will also work wonders on your baby's booboos.

They cannot be used on open wounds and burns but they are 100% safe on your baby's scratches. Packed with organic healing beeswax and nourishing organic olive oil, they will treat your little-one's booboo and will prevent your baby's skin from getting dry.

And - if you want so - it can become your household "magic booboo cream" as well 💛

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