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How to use La Petite Creme?

  1. Apply 2 pumps of lotion directly onto the skin or on a soft cotton pad (disposable) or washcloth (washable).
  2. Clean the mess up, moisturize and protect all in one wipe
  3. Voilà! A protected and smooth baby bum ready for what's to come next!

If you haven't yet, check out the video (above) to see La Petite Creme in action.💛

What are the ingredients?

We use only 6 ingredients in our diapering lotion :
  • Organic extra virgin olive oil,
  • Organic beeswax,
  • Organic vegetable glycerin,
  • Water,
  • Limestone,
  • Vitamin E.

    We use only 5 ingredients for our diaper balm :
  • Organic extra virgin olive oil,
  • Organic beeswax,
  • Water,
  • Limestone,
  • Vitamin E.
  • How long does a bottle last?

    The beauty of La Petite Creme lotion is that you only use what you need at each diaper change!

    Which means the duration of one bottle varies depending on the following factors:
  • the age of your baby,
  • her very personal pee/poop ratio,
  • the frequency of the diaper changes.

  • Here are some estimates for an 8oz pump bottle:
  • Newborn: 2 weeks
  • 6+ months: 1 month
  • Does it work with poop?💩

    YES! As surprising as it sounds, cleaning #2 is what La Petite Creme is best at. 💩

  • Apply La Petite Creme lotion on a cotton pad or cloth and it becomes your wipes.
  • Repeat the action with a new cotton pad or cloth as many times as needed to clean everything off.

  • The olive oil in the lotion will trap all residues and leave a protective shield on the skin.

    So the next pee or poo will slide right off the skin to make the next clean a breeze!

    What is the shelf life?

    Our lotion and balm are best if used within 1 year of manufacturing. Each bottle has an expiration date located at the back or the bottom of the container.

    After opening, we recommend to use the product within 6 months to insure maximum freshness.

    After this time, the scent of the oil might be off (rancid), but this does not affect the properties of the product.

    Can I use with cloth diaper?

    YES! La Petite Creme products are designed to be used with either cloth or disposable diapers.

    No leaking!
    No staining!

    La Petite Creme will not affect your current wash routine.

    Can I modify my subscription?

    Of course!

    You can make the following changes to your subscription at any time:
  • Edit frequency of orders
  • Edit products quantity
  • Add/remove products
  • Pause/resume subscription
  • Update payment information
  • Modify shipping address
  • Cancel subscription

  • Consult our step by step guide to manage your subscription here.

    Is it safe to use on preemies and newborns?

    YES! La Petite Creme is made with the most gentle of ingredients that are suitable for babies of all ages.

    The oil-based texture of La Petite Creme is particularly efficient:
  • on meconium (baby's first poo) that tends to be very sticky on the skin
  • to gently remove adhesive bandages from preemies' delicate skin.

  • So don't forget to pack a bottle in your hospital bag!

    What does the USDA Organic certification gives me?

    As parents, you deserve to know with certainty the quality of the products you are using on your baby's delicate skin.

    Our USDA Certified Organic label guarantees you that:
  • Our products contains more than 95% of organic ingredients (99.7% to be exact)
  • We follow strict manufacturing processes that maintain the Organic integrity of our ingredients and products through their whole lifecycle to avoid contamination
  • We only use USDA Organic-approved detergents and cleaning aids during the hand manufacturing of our products
  • Our suppliers and their Organic products claims are verified and properly audited on a constant basis
  • Our manufacturing facility is inspected once a year by an independent USDA certifying agency to verify compliance with USDA Organic requirements
  • We maintain full trackability and extensive documentation over our products and ingredients
  • We comply with all USDA Organic Certification requirements regarding labeling of our products

    As a Small Business, the USDA Organic Certification is an heavy investment both in time and money and we do not take it lightly.

    Our commitment to you: We will always do everything it takes to do things the right way.

    To read more consumers information on Organic regulation on cosmetics, consult the FDA website.
  • What is limestone?

    Limestone is a natural disinfectant.

    This rock powder - combined to water - makes our product slightly alkaline to counteract the acidity of urine and feces in the diaper.

    Do I need to clean first with water or a wet wipe and THEN apply the lotion?

    NO. La Petite Creme diapering lotion IS your cleanser!

    Apply the lotion on a pad of your choice (disposable or washable) and wipe like you would do with your usual wet wipes.

    There is water and a natural disinfecting ingredient in the lotion so no pre-clean with water is needed.

    No post-use rinse needed either as the residue of lotion is what is going to protect your baby's skin and prep it for the next clean.

    How to get the lotion at the bottom of the bottle?

    Have you noticed how the consistency of your lotion varies with temperature?

    If you are having trouble getting the last drops of lotion at the bottom of your bottle, simply hold the bottle under a flow of warm water and it will come out with no effort.

    Can it be used for adults and/or older kids?

    YES! La Petite Creme is totally safe for the adults and older kids who need gentle bathroom care.

    What else can it be used for?

    You will most likely find that, once you have it at home, La Petite Creme becomes your go-to moisturizer for the whole family and beyond.

    Here are some of the alternate uses reported by our community of parents:
  • dry skin
  • dry lips/nose during winter
  • cradle cap
  • makeup remover - particularly efficient on waterproof mascara
  • chafing
  • dry scabs
  • leather nourishing

  • We'd love to hear what YOUR favorite alternate use is! Contact us

    Is La Petite Creme vegan?

    Both La Petite Creme diapering lotion and balm use beeswax as a natural healing ingredient which is not Vegan.
    The other 5 ingredients used in La Petite Creme products are derived from plants or minerals.

    Is La Petite Creme cruelty-free?

    Yes! We are Leaping Bunny certified which mean our products and ingredients are not tested on animals. As animals lovers ourselves, we would not have it any other way.

    Where are the products manufactured?

    La Petite Creme diapering lotion and balm are handmade in our own manufacturing facility located in sunny Miami, Florida.

    I don't see the answer to my question...

    Contact us and we'll gladly answer it!

    We'll also add it back to this list for others who may wonder the same thing.