What Do You REALLY Need for Diapering?

At first glance, diapering can look like a mountain task that requires you to buy all of the gadgets.

And there are a lot of gadgets out there…

So, let’s first take a breath and relax.

Now, we’re going to explain to you why at least 50% of the diapering gadgets being advertised to you are completely unnecessary. Then we’re going to let you know what, exactly, you need for diapering.

Let’s do this.

What you don't need for diapering?

Hopefully, this list will save you time, money, and space in your house. Read this before starting your baby registry and you’ll be well on your way to creating a clutter-free nursery!

First up…

A diaper genie

Although admittedly, a diaper genie can be a handy way to dispose of diapers, it’s completely unnecessary and a quick way to lose space in your nursery. A diaper genie is basically a trash can for diapers that you then have to empty in the trash can.

Instead, you can simply put your diapers straight into the trash can! If you want to limit the diaper smell, pop your used diapers into biodegradable dog poo bags or diaper bags. Another option is to keep a small plastic bucket - with a lid - on your changing table and empty it into the trash whenever it’s full.


Contrary to our modern belief, baby wipes are not a must have to change a diaper. A washable cloth or cotton pad combined with a diapering lotion can do the trick and much more. Unlike a baby wipe, diaper lotion has a protective effect that saves a great deal of time and treatment later on.  

A wipe warmer

Sure, we imagine that warm wipes are a much more pleasant experience for your baby than a cold wipe on a winter’s day. But you could also use a washable cloth or cotton pad that don't need warming! Here again, diapering lotion like La Petite Creme will prevent the "cold bum" experience as it is always at room temperature.

A changing table

Ok, this one is arguable. But, whilst we’re trying to keep things minimal and make your life easier, a changing table is something that you can take off of your shopping list. Changing tables offer a handy place for you to change your baby’s diaper and keep everything that you’ll need close to hand. But if you don’t have the space or money to invest in a changing table, you really don’t need one!

Instead, keep everything you’ll need for diaper changes in a handy (and portable!) basket/box. After all, we guarantee that you’ll be changing your baby’s diaper in all sorts of places, and this will allow you to be mobile without forgetting the essentials.

What do you really need for diapering?

So what exactly do you need for diapering? Let’s keep this simple:

And that’s it!

Let’s take things back to basics and refuse to let diapering become another challenging aspect of parenting.


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