Baby Shower Ideas for a Natural Mommy-to-be

A natural mommy-to-be can be pretty fierce when it comes to what she will and won’t use for her newborn.

And we totally get it!

The baby product industry is full of nasty chemicals that any mom would want to avoid. But shopping for natural and organic products isn’t always easy - or cheap.

To help you out, we’ve come up with the ultimate baby shower gift list for a natural mommy-to-be to make your shopping easier and keep momma happy!

Baby shower ideas for a natural mommy-to-be

Here are some of the very best baby shower ideas for a natural mommy-to-be. We’ve included items to suit every budget so you’re sure to find something you love!

Organic cotton baby carrier

Baby carriers offer a wonderful way for babies to be cuddled up to mom (their favorite place to be!), whilst allowing mom to be hands-free. This baby carrier by Baby K’tan is made from organic cotton and can be used for newborns up to 35lbs.

Another great thing about the Baby K’tan wraps is that they’re super easy to use and barely require any wrapping.

Cloth diapers

We imagine that the majority of natural mommys-to-be are going to at least want to try cloth diapering - even if they ultimately decide that it’s not for them!

Why not offer the mom-to-be a couple of cloth diapers from Thirsties Baby to try out so they can decide whether or not they want to commit to it? And if not, using just one cloth diaper a day will still save a whole load of diapers from landfill!

Organic diapering lotion

Diapering lotion is a natural alternative to baby wipes that is loved by crunchy mommies. It provides the benefits of a clean and protected bum without the harmful chemicals and dangerous toxins that can be found in most baby wipes.

La Petite Creme organic diapering lotion is made according to a traditional French recipe that have been proven to work for millions of moms across the World. We also guarantee that your mom friend will love it too! Our starter bundles are just the perfect gift for her to discover get started on a natural diapering journey!

Natural rubber teething toy

An all-natural-teething toy is a great way for little ones to be entertained whilst relieving the discomfort that comes with all those teeth trying to push through.

This particular teething toy by Mombella is made from 100% food-grade silicone and is small enough for little hands and mouths to enjoy.

Period underwear

Period underwear by Sphinx is a wonderfully sustainable gift idea for the mom who is going to give birth. Period pants are more comfortable, more sustainable, and more affordable (in the long term) than disposable pads and pants.

Once their period returns, this is a gift that they’ll be able to keep using!

Home-cooked meals

There’s nothing more comforting, more loving, or more appreciated than a home-cooked meal when you have a new baby to take care of. To give the mom-to-be a gift that will really help, why not batch cook several portions of a delicious meal, and then separate it into containers that can be frozen and reheated when needed?

Baby-sitting services

If you are on a very tight budget, don't hesitate to offer your friend your own help! After having her baby, she will surely be very grateful to count on you to watch the baby for a couple of hours while she rests or takes time for herself. You can also offer to take an older sibling to the park while she is busy at home adjusting to her new schedule!

Are you a natural mommy-to-be? What’s the best sustainable gift that you received at your baby shower?!

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