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Diapering Lotion vs Baby Wipes

The benefits of baby wipes are limited in comparison with the many powers of La Petite Creme diapering lotion:
La Petite Creme
Baby Wipes
Convenient & easy to use
Cleans and disinfects the skin
Protects against moisture build up
No, contributes to moisture build up unless dried out before closing the diaper.
Protects against chafing/friction in the diaper
Leaves a protective film on the skin after cleaning
Protects against exposure to feces and urine
Heals irritation
1. Organic olive oil
2. Water
3. Organic vegetable glycerin
4. Organic beeswax
5. Vitamin E
6. Limestone
1. Water
2, 3, 4....
Depending on brand
USDA Certified Organic
Depends on brand

La Petite Creme Organic diapering lotion not only cleans like a wipe, it also protects and heals the skin between diaper changes like no wipe can.

Ready to embark on a smooth French diapering journey? Get started now.