Top Tips for Saving Money When You’re Having a Baby

Are you getting ready to welcome a little one into your home? Of course, you want the best for your baby and for your family, but you also want to stay on the budget you planned. Here are some money-saving tips for families that will help you stretch and optimize your budget when welcoming your little one.

Maximize Parental Leave

Some employers offer benefit programs that include parental leaves. It's a great relief to be able to stay home with your newborn and still receive income. When both parents have access to paid leave, it's one of the best savings strategies to stagger them. 

The mother can take parental leave first, and when she returns to work, the father can stay at home and care for the baby. If one parent doesn't have paid leave, they might consider taking some paid vacation time instead.

Rethink Entertainment Costs

Track how much you spend on dinner out or take out food, including lunches and coffees. It's amazing how food costs can add up when looking at your personal finance choices! If you find yourself craving your favorite noodle dish but are on a tight budget, you can search for the recipe online and try to cook it yourself.

When you learn how to create it at home, you'll save money and create new family favorites at the same time. Weekly meal planning can also be another good money-saving tip.

If you also wish to reduce your activities expenses, look for more affordable ways to have fun, such as visiting the park instead of paying for a gym membership. Search for activities with free admission and take advantage of family specials.

You may also want to reduce your subscriptions by keeping only those absolutely necessary to your household and cancel the ones you don’t really use or for which you could find free alternatives.

Prepare a Budget

By creating a monthly budget, you can also find other ways to cut down on spending.

You can also sign up for any financial assistance programs offered in your area.

If you can plan your financial goals before the baby comes, you are more likely to stick with them later.

You can also plan a bank appointment and find the best way to cut down on interest payments by consolidating debt.

Investigate Alternative Baby Products

When you're a first-time parent, some products will be unfamiliar to you. You may be tempted by a lot of baby products and gear without being sure if they will be necessary or not. On our blog Baby on a Budget, you will find some helpful tips about what you will really need when welcoming a baby home sticking to a budget at the same time.

You don't need the latest baby products to care for your little one. For the average new parent, the basics will do just fine. Ask your friends and families or look online for gently used equipment such as playpens and strollers. 

Find coupons online and subscriptions for baby products and household items. You can save quite a bit of money if you take the time to research various offers.

Stock up on diapers and other supplies when they are on sale. You can begin your shopping list before your little one arrives and take advantage of reduced prices on some essential items for your baby.

We also suggest that you don’t go for baby wipes. They may seem like the most convenient and cheapest way to go for diaper change but in fact, they are not that much the best, even for your own wallet. Here you can find why we don’t recommend them and why we suggest you choose our La Petite Crème organic lotion and balms instead. They are gentle for your baby, for the planet and, with our subscription program, on your wallet as well. Just try and you will see how convenient they can be.

We take care of your baby's bum while you save money and time 💛

We hope these money-saving tips for families will suit your needs and that you will be able to put them into place and stay on your budget. This will give you peace of mind and plenty of time to enjoy sweet family moments with your baby.


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