The Diapering Products You Don’t Need on Your Registry

Although it can be tempting to buy every piece of baby gear suggested by friends and advertised online, it’s worth knowing that many of these products are not worth your money.

Though advertised to make your life easier, many diapering products will just take up time and space (and leave you with an empty wallet).

Diapering is one of the most straightforward parts of baby care - a quick clean, a new diaper, a potential outfit change and, voila, you’re finished. Don’t get sucked in by diapering products that you don’t need on your registry - you’ll thank yourself later.

In this post, we’re going to look at six diapering products you don’t need on your registry. Let’s keep things simple.


1.  Diaper stacker

Diaper stackers are cute little bags that you can hang next to or near your diaper changing area. Advertised as a way to store your diapers, you’ll be drawn into thinking that these will make mom life easier.

Here’s an alternative, and more straightforward, idea: keep your diapers in the bag they came in, in a drawer, or in a basket on your changing table.

2.  Wipe warmer

Wipe warmers are designed to make diaper changes more enjoyable and less chilly for your baby. But you don’t need one. As well as increasing the likelihood of germs being spread, they don’t really serve a purpose.

Your baby will come to rely on warm wipes and feel particularly insulted if you, one day, approach their behind with a cold wipe. Meaning that you’re tied to your wipe warmer all day, every day, until your baby is potty trained. No thanks…

If you’re looking for a gentler "non cold" way to clean your baby’s bottom, stick to cotton pads or washcloths with an organic diapering lotion like La Petite Creme. No cold wet wipes needed.

3.  Peepee teepee

Designed to protect you from the pee-pee of little boys, a pee-pee teepee will save you and your baby from getting sprayed during diaper changes. But they’re just another gadget that’s not necessary. As well as adding another item to your pile of washing and giving yourself something else to remember during diaper changes, little boys don’t pee every time you change their diaper.

A better idea is to have a muslin on hand or a washcloth that you can use at a moment’s notice to shield yourself from your baby’s aim.

4.  Baby powder

Although baby powder has been a go-to for parents for decades, it’s not all that safe. Talc, in particular, has been linked with wheezing, coughing, and difficulty breathing.

Stick to organic diaper lotion and diaper balm to safely and gently clean and protect your baby’s delicate skin.

5.  Diaper disposal system

A diaper disposal system might be convenient and a good way to protect your nose, but it’s something that you can easily go without. Simply pop your baby’s dirty diapers into a lidded bin and carry on with your day.

If you’re using reusable cloth diapers, you might like to consider a small lidded tub as a place to store your diapers until you’re ready to wash them.

6.  A changing table

Purchasing a changing table is completely down to personal choice. But if you’re trying to save space and money, we can tell you, from experience, that you don’t necessarily need one and can find other solutions already available in your house.

We suggest using a basket to store everything you need for diaper changes and that you can easily transport around the house. Remember to put diapers, diaper lotion, cotton pads, spare clothes, and a foldable changing mat in your basket and you’re good to go!

You might also like to purchase a solid changing mat that you can use on top of a dresser, table, or bed.


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