What to Pack In Your Hospital Bag

These days, almost 98% of women opt to give birth in hospitals rather than anywhere else. In this situation, you will want to know that you have everything with you and that you have prepared your hospital bag, ready to go. But do you know what to pack in a hospital bag for labor?

We have put together a hospital bag checklist for you. That way, when preparing for labor, you will be sure that you have all the hospital bag essentials for your time undergoing care.

So, before packing a hospital bag, read on to ensure you have everything you need. Remember, you can never be too prepared.


Make sure you have all your necessary ID and documents in one place. These could be insurance documents, government-issued IDs, and hospital paperwork. The hospital will need these all up-front, and you do not want to make a round trip to get them when things get started.

Birth Plan

Have a few copies of your birth plan ready to pass out if you need to (you can even laminate them). Your birth plan is important to you, it needs to be as well for your surroundings when you are in labor. This will prevent you from having to answer questions during your time giving birth.

If you want your baby to only use certain organic baby products, take them with you. While the hospital will give you some supplies, they might not be what you want to use.

Comfy Clothes for you

By this, we do not mean t-shirts and slacks. It is more likely that you will want a bathrobe, your favorite sweater, socks, slippers. If you are going to be getting up before or after the baby arrives, you will want to do so while staying warm and comfortable.


While the hospital will give you comfortable bedding, it may not be the type you prefer. Some people like harder or softer pillows, or have a specific one they find comforting. Bring yours along. Also pack a colorful pillowcase: this will make your hospital pictures more vibrant (and make you look better). 

Light Entertainment

During the process, there will be long periods where you are doing nothing but waiting. For these, bring books or a tablet with your favorite show on it.

Maternity Pads

You will want to grab a few heavy-duty pads. While the hospital should have plenty, you do not want to be caught off-guard. You will need to change them out every few hours soon after the birth, but this slows after a couple of days.

Snacks and Drinks

These are not only good to get a bit more energy. They can also be very comforting, and we won't tell anyone you had a few extra snacks during labor. Those calories don't count.

Complete Your Hospital Bag

Your hospital bag is one of the most important things to have ready for labor. We understand that you want to have the best products you can get to care for your little one. This is why, at La Petite Creme, we put together a range of organic diapering products that will provide you with the safest and softest care products for your little one's sensitive behind in and after your hospital stay.

Our lotion and balm clean, hydrate and protect your baby's bum after the tough job of filling their diaper. It is particularly effective on baby's first poo: meconium. If you are interested in finding out more, check out the difference our products can make!

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