The Diaper Bag Essentials Guide

Keys, phone, wallet...diaper bag! 

Remember when you used to leave the house in a second? Well, those days are gone for a while and the better prepared you are to go out, the faster you will make it through the door. You’ll soon realize that your diaper bag should be called “survival arsenal” as they can make or break your much anticipated outing. 

Dad Diaper Bag

Whether you carry around a duffle bag or a travel size diaper bag, there are some items that you simply need to have with you at all times. These items range from emergency diapers to that one special pacifier that always calms your baby. Besides food and diapers, here are some items that you’ll want to consider adding to your arsenal:


Diaper Bag Essential - Blanket
  • Lightweight Blanket
  • A lightweight swaddle or blanket can come in handy when you're on the go — in addition to being used for swaddling or keeping the baby warm, they can act as a nursing cover, sun protection, picnic blanket or even a scarf for Mom in a pinch.


    Diaper Bag Outside Snacks


  • Snacks
  • It’s always a good idea to pack a couple of extra snacks in case your child gets hungry or a little fussy. Snacks can help you stretch out the time in between two feedings or during a stroll!


    Baby Hat Diaper Bag Essentials



  • Outfits
  • Things happen and you’ll never know when you need a new outfit. Packing a change of clothes for your baby will come in handy when you’re out and about. Layers are always a good way to prepare for sudden temperature changes between inside and outside for instance.


    Baby Diaper Bag Essential Toy Strap


  • Toy straps
  • These will prevent a pacifier, blankie, snack container or favorite toy to fall from your stroller or car seat at the least convenient time. 


    Outside Diaper Changing Pad



  • Diaper changing pad
  • Having this item can help make anywhere a changing station. A literal lifesaver when you are stuck without the luxury of a changing table, diaper changing pads is a must-have no matter where you go. 


     Organic Diaper Cream Balm Lotion Travel Size


  • La Petite Creme
  • Our lotion and balm are a must-have no matter where you go! Taking our lotion on-the-go is easy with our 2oz diaper bag tottle! It’s small enough to fit in any diaper bag and even has a design that allows you to hook it onto your diaper bag. Combined with a dry wipe of your choice (disposable or washable), no matter where you go, taking La Petite Creme with you is an easy option! 


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