10 Alternative Uses of Baby Wipes

La Petite Creme is proud to offer you an organic diaper lotion with no fragrance, no harsh chemicals and no preservatives. Our lotion, made with 6 natural ingredients, replaces baby wipes, as well as baby powder, diaper ointment and diaper rash cream in one easy step. 

Now that you see the clear benefits of La Petite Creme – what do you do with all those baby wipes you’ve already purchased? We have got you covered!

Baby wipes may not be the best option for your baby’s bottom, but when it comes to alternative uses for baby wipes there are plenty.

Baby wipes for bad hair day


1. If you’re having a bad hair day and the flyaways are out of control, take back control by patting your hair down with a baby wipe. No hair spray required!

2. Running out the door and notice those horrible white deodorant stains under your arms? A baby wipe can get rid of the stain and have your clothes smelling clean and fresh in no time.

Baby wipes for coffee spill in car

3. Dropped coffee or food on your leather car seats? A baby wipe can save your seat and your brand new pants.

4. Pack a box of wet wipes when travelling. They will become handy when you find the perfect picnic table but birds have found it before you. 

5. When you hit the gym, make sure to take wipes with you. You can easily clean gym equipment or your yoga mat.

Baby wipes for cleaning yoga and gym equipment



Baby wipes for cleaning keyboards

6. If your keyboard is looking a little grimy, use a baby wipe to clean and disinfect it.

7. Wipe down your house plants and keep them shiny with a quick swipe of a baby wipe (prefer one with mostly water in it to not intoxicate the plant).

Baby wipes to clean plants

8. Baby wipes make great dusters, especially in hard to reach areas. Just attach one to a broom.

9. If you have a stain on your clothes, sofa, tablecloth, etc. – reach for a baby wipe to do the stain-removing trick.

Baby wipes for cleaning handprints

10. Clean your light switches, the outside of your appliances, shoes, toilet seats or really anything around your home with a baby wipe.


La Petite Creme - Alternative to Baby Wipes


La Petite Creme offers you all the goodness of a traditional diapering lotion made right here in America. It’s organic and hypoallergenic and makes the perfect alternative to baby wipes! So try it out and put those baby wipes to better use around your home!


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