Keeping Your Home Toxin-Free

Your home is a place of peace, sanity, and spiritual well being (well, unless you have a toddler, but you get the point). You return home at the end of a long day to relax, unwind, feel good, and take a deep breath. The last thing your home should do, is hurt you.

However, your home, at any given moment, is full of thousands of tiny toxin bombs – ones that don’t necessarily need to explode to cause damage. With each spray of that fresh-scented air freshener, each spritz of that countertop cleanser, and every squirt of that orange-scented hand soap – you’re one step closer to toxin overload.

Toxin Free Home

Toxins are everywhere. They’re in the air we breathe, the surfaces we touch, and sadly, sometimes found in the foods that we eat. While we can’t control all of these factors all of the time, one factor we can control, is what we bring into our homes. Whether it’s safe cleaning solutions or non-toxic skin products, you have the right to decide which products will affect the safety of your home and the people in it.  

As committed health and wellness advocates, we - at La Petite Creme - created our baby care products with the same belief. Taking care of your baby’s skin is an essential part of their care in those first stages of life, and as a parent who would do anything for your child, this should include diaper care. The La Petite Creme diaper lotion is made with only six all-natural ingredients, is organic, fragrance-free, and is designed to eliminate the need for toxic diaper care products such as scented wipes or wet baby wipes. 

Organic Toxin Free Diaper Cream

We have put together this list of products to swap out with healthier alternatives, to help make your home safer:

Air Fresheners

Anything you breathe into your lungs ends up in your bloodstream. Any air freshener you spray contains chemicals that can do long-term damage in your body. Choose all natural candles or essential oils instead – your body will thank you!

Toxin Free Scented Candle

Prepared Foods in Plastic Containers

Each time a plastic container is run through the dishwasher or placed in the microwave, it releases toxins that seep into your food. Use glass containers for a safer outcome!

Toxin Free Cleaning


Cleansing agents 

Nature has a lot to offer when it comes to cleaning. Surprisingly, the simple ingredients are usually the ones that work best. White vinegar and baking soda for instance will safely disinfect your bathroom, kitchen and floor without introducing toxic substances. A good Marseille soap also makes wonders for hand and body cleansing for all ages.

Toxin Free Cooking

Nonstick Pans

Many nonstick pans are now being scrutinized for their health impact. A safer alternative? Use cast iron or stainless steel cookware and a tad of olive oil. Trick: heat the pan before you add the oil so that food does not stick. 

You know what else won’t stick thanks to Olive Oil? Your little one’s next poopoo!
To learn more about La Petite Creme Organic diaper care and how it can keep your baby as safe as can be, visit us on the web!


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