10 Unexpected Uses of La Petite Creme Diaper Balm

You’re raving about our organic diaper balm for its efficiency, gentleness and minimal ingredients. Well, did you know it can also be used outside of the diaper? 

Here are some of the best alternative uses of La Petite Creme organic diaper balm (submitted by our very own circle of Moms) and why you should always have a small travel size in your remedy box: 

1. Cradle caps

Cradle cap causes crusty or oily scaly patches on a baby's scalp. The condition isn't painful or itchy. But it can cause thick white or yellow scales that aren't easy to remove.” (Mayo Clinic) Unless of course you have added a tad of La Petite Creme diaper balm on your baby scalp to loosen the scales. You can let the balm sit on your little one’s head overnight and brush with a soft baby brush in the morning. Remember: never scratch cradle caps though. 

Organic cradle caps remedy

2. Cracked lips

Lips (adults’ and kiddos’ alike) are the first part of the face to suffer from cold or dry weather. Made with only 5 natural ingredients, our diaper balm is perfectly safe to use on lips of all ages. If you tend to have dry lips during a flight due to the air conditioning, our travel size version fits into your carry-on for inflight use. 

3. Red nose

Frequent nose blowing can create irritation which is very uncomfortable at any age. A nice coat of balm will make the next nose-blow a soft one and heal the irritated skin thanks to the healing power of beeswax

Irritated nose organic remedy

4. Red chicks

Baby's cheeks are particularly sensitive to temperature change and friction with clothing. A thin layer of lotion before going out will prevent the cold winds from irritating your little's one cheeks. Of course, it also applies to older siblings or adults with sensitive facial skin.

5. Itchy private parts

Girls and boys alike can experience occasional itchiness in their private parts. If the symptoms appear at bedtime (which is when it seems to always manifest in my house), apply some balm in the itchy area. That should calm the fire enough for your little one to fall asleep and assess in the morning. Hint: it also works for women for occasional discomfort down there. 

Itchy private arts girl

6. Little girl’s potty training helper

It takes a while for little girls to learn how to properly wipe when potty training. One rule of thumb is: no wiping in the front, just patting is enough. Until this is understood, your little girl can experience red and itchy private parts. Our healing diaper balm can soothe her and prevent further damage. She can also use our organic diapering lotion on her toilet paper at every bathroom break to softly clean and sooth her private area.  

7. Dry hands

It has been impossible to escape the use of hand sanitizer lately. While great at killing germs, it tends to dry the skin. A tiny amount of balm can soothe those hands without making them greasy. A little bit goes a long way. 

Dry hand organic remedy

8. Cracked nipples

Anyone experiencing cracked nipples during post partum knows that relief has to happen fast. Luckily our diaper balm and its load of healing beeswax can tackle cracked skin in no time.

9. Post-birth hemorrhoids

Whether they happen before, during or, after pregnancy, hemorrhoids are a pain in the b*** (that was an easy one!). Apply La Petite Creme diaper healing balm on a cotton pad and place it in your underwear overnight. You’ll note significant improvements in the morning. Disclaimer: our diaper balm is not a medication and you should consult with your healthcare provider if the problem persists.

10. Mosquito bites relief

Are you that person who always attracts mosquitoes? While not preventing the bite nor the itching, our diaper balm makes wonders at softening the dry crust that remains after a mosquito bite (or any healed wound) so that it falls off nicely.

Natural nourishing lotion for leather

(BONUS) 11. Leather nourishing cream

You love that old handbag but the leather is getting old? Your little one has expressed his creativity on your couch? Try a little bit of La Petite Creme diaper balm on a cloth and apply it in a small circular motion. Your leather will be rejuvenated and healthy again.

What about you? Do you use our organic diaper balm for something else than its original purpose? Share a picture with us at info@lapetitecreme.com and we’ll make sure to add it to the list. 

Organic diaper cream

Our organic healing diaper balm exists in 2 sizes and is available for recurring delivery so you NEVER run out. Check all your options here: https://www.lapetitecreme.com/collections/french-diaper-cream


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