The Benefits of Beeswax for the Skin

Beeswax (also called ‘Cera alba’) is the natural wax created by honey bees in a beehive. It is used by honey bees to build the geometrically perfect honeycomb cells that will store the honey and pollen.

At La Petite Creme, we only use the most natural ingredients in our organic diaper care line. And what is more natural than this masterpiece of Mother Nature? For maximum purity, we source organic, all natural, unbleached yellow beeswax for our product lines. 

Let’s uncover more of this non-toxic EWG score 1 ingredient to find out its many properties on skin of all ages: 

Organic beeswax


1. Barrier

It only takes lighting one candle to understand the flexibility and adaptability of that material, watch it behave once you set it aflame. Once set, beeswax creates a thin, non-allergenic, protective layer over skin. 

When added to skincare products, this protective barrier can prevent exposure to environmental toxins like pollution, microscopic dust, smog, and cigarette smoke. These substances can contain ‘free radicals’ - a class of chemical compounds that have a deleterious effect on living tissue. 

Beeswax acts as an antioxidant by providing an impermeable barrier, preventing any free radicals from affecting our skin. Additionally, beeswax is often referred to as non comedogenic, meaning that it won’t clog your pores, letting your skin breathe freely. 

Baby protected against diaper rash

All these properties are put to good use in La Petite Creme French diapering lotion. I mean: talk about “environmental exposure”... Acidic urine, feces, perspiration, and synthetic diaper fabric. Your baby’s delicate behind is under constant assault.

2. Moisture

Another intrinsic property of beeswax is to lock moisture in. This allows beeswax filled cosmetic products to deliver water content on dryness prone areas (like lip balm). 

Keep moisture in baby

Providing another reason as to why we use beeswax in our organic diapering lotion and organic diaper balm. With over 2,500 diaper changes in their first year, your baby’s delicate booty skin can easily dry and become a target to the dreaded diaper rash. Keeping the skin moist and soft is key in diaper rash prevention. 

3. Healing

But the most amazing virtue of beeswax is certainly its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties (similar to its cousin: honey). Beeswax also has antifungal properties which come in handy in fighting fungal outgrowth. 

Combined with olive oil (which happens to be the main ingredient in La Petite Creme diapering line) and honey, beeswax has been proven to reduce eczema and similar skin conditions.

What does this mean for La Petite Creme diaper lotion? Well, that means your little one’s bum will not only be perfectly clean after using our lotion, it also means that the layer of beeswax remaining on the skin after applying will fight inflammation (diaper rash), fungal outgrowth (yeast infection), and bacteria as soon as it appears (which might be during that much anticipated first night of uninterrupted sleep!). 

Diaper rash free baby in diaper

So sit back, relax and let the superpowers of beeswax in La Petite Creme fight that battle for you… one diaper change at a time.

There are good reasons why beeswax has been used topically on the skin since ancient Egyptian times. I wonder if they used diapers back then though...


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