What is EWG Verified?

Gather your party poppers, horns, and hats - La Petite Creme is officially EWG Verified!!

So what does that mean exactly?

Well, it’s great news for us, you, and your baby’s bottom.

Allow us to explain…

What is EWG?

EWG is the Environmental Working Group and a non-profit organization working towards helping people live healthier lives.

Their research primarily looks into agricultural subsidies, toxic chemicals, drinking water pollutants, and corporate accountability to ensure that you have access to the safest products for yourself, your home, and your family.

Many products on the market are created with chemicals that were introduced several years ago. But, since then, scientists have linked these chemicals to cancer, asthma, birth defects, and problems with fertility.

Unfortunately, manufacturers often aren’t required to add all their ingredients to their packaging - which means that we’re left clueless, no matter how hard we try to shop for the safest products out there!

This is where organizations such as EWG step in to give us a helping hand.

By adding an EWG Verified status to products, the Environmental Working Group is making it easier for you to distinguish safe products from the downright dangerous so that you can spend your money well and with confidence.

What is EWG Verified?

EWG Verified means that a product meets the strictest EWG standards. A product that has been EWG Verified contains none of EWG’s chemicals of concern. The manufacturers of the product are also required to be completely transparent about their ingredients and their manufacturing process.

The EWG Verified status is recognized worldwide and back by 14 years of science. They care about you and the products that you’re bringing into your home. Although there are many safe labels out there, EWG Verified is truly a status that you can trust to look after your entire family.

Here, you can find the link to the EWG website and look up for any product.

The list of EWG verified products is growing every day - and we’re delighted to say that La Petite Creme has just been added to that list!

Our journey into organic baby products

Here at La Petite Creme, we’ve been dedicated to making organic and baby-safe products for your little ones since we began experimenting in our kitchen in 2012.

As French new mums in Miami, we struggled to find products that would clean our babies’ bottoms whilst being ultra-kind to their skin. So we decided to start making organic products for our own children.

More than providing you with organic products for your diapering routine, our mission is also to empower you, as parents, to be able to make the best decisions for your family. Sometimes, even with the best intentions, it can be hard to find trustworthy and affordable products for your baby - and that’s what La Petite Creme is all about.

To get started, why not have a look at our starter bundles? After all, there’s no need to research our ingredients. EWG has taken care of that for you!

But if you are interested in the ingredients that we use - and we don’t blame you! - you can take a look here.

In the end, we truly couldn't do it all without YOU, your trust and support.


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