The Secret to Creating a Great Baby Registry

Are you becoming a parent for the first time? Are you wondering how to create a killer baby registry?

Today's registry goes far beyond the list of newborn baby supplies provided in the past. You'll want to let others know about stylish, coordinated essentials for a baby that will leave your little one comfy and happy.

Yet the real key to a successful registry is to focus on what you'll need during your first few months as a parent. Babies grow fast, and it's tempting to use your registry as a chance to prep for the future. 

It's important, though, to keep in mind how much your needs and tastes will change as your baby grows up. Focus on what you need now and you'll be starting off your parenting experience in style.

The Necessities

The number of onesies you'll need will depend upon how often you plan on doing laundry. However, most babies live in rompers during all times of the year. Ask for some with long and short sleeves, as well as some sleepers and footies for the warmer months.

Pajamas, booties, and blanket sleepers also prepare you for all kinds of weather. You'll also need some front-button jackets and sweaters if you live in a colder climate.

One of the bigger-ticket items on your registry will be your crib or bassinet. A few people may be chipping in for this, so make sure you take your time to find exactly what you want. You'll also need a rocking chair, baby monitor, and nightlight.

Make sure you get washable bedding as you'll be changing it frequently. You'll need mattress pads, sheets, and blankets. 

It's also important to get a changing table, diaper pail, and diaper bag. Make sure you find a diaper cream you'll be happy with, as it can be a lifesaver. Organic diapering lotion can also be used instead of baby wipes. In fact, La Petite Creme lotion is both Certified Organic and EWG Certified, and when used with cotton pads or washcloths, it completely replaces baby wipes, and leaves your baby skin clean and protected. 

Other essential baby gear includes an infant seat, stroller, and baby swing. Again, these are more expensive items, so you may expect two or three shower guests to chip in. You'll also want to think about feeding items like bottles, cleaning brushes, and formula.

Having Some Fun

Remember that your baby shower can be a time to share some laughs and a few cocktails or mocktails. You can also throw in a few fun items on your baby registry to keep your home happy.

Ask for feeding pillows and swaddle blankets with fun characters and colors. Add a baby sling or some take-a-long tunes. You can also have everyone bring a copy of their favorite baby book to help build a library for your child.

A Boppin' Baby Registry 

Creating a baby registry can seem like an overwhelming task at first. However, once you dive in, you can create a comprehensive list that will make creating a cozy home for your baby a cinch.

Don't stop getting smart about your baby's needs now. For excellent essentials, contact us today.


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