The 7 Best Potty Training Tips

You’ve been working your way through all of the baby milestones and now, you’ve reached the ultimate hurdle: potty training.

Mention the fact that you’re starting potty training and the faces around you will break out in looks of sympathy and fear. But is it really that bad? And is there a right and a wrong way to potty train?

Whilst there might not be a right and a wrong way to potty train, there are lots of tried and tested tips that might help you on your journey. In this post, we’ve hand-picked our favorite tips to make potty training that little bit easier for you and your little one. 💛

Best potty training tips

When trying these tips, remember that every toddler is different! What works brilliantly for one family might be a disaster for another. Try to be patient and take your time finding out what works best for you and your child.

1. Wait until they’re ready

    It’s best to wait until your child is ready to start potty training, here are a few tell-tale signs:

    • They wake up dry from a nap
    • They’re uncomfortable in a wet diaper
    • They’re interested in the toilet and want to use it
    • Their diaper stays dry for longer than usual
    • They hide to pee or poop
    • They tell you they’ve peed or pooped

    2. Naked from the bum down

      Letting your child be naked from the bum down will not only bring more awareness to their nappy area, but it will make it easier to get them onto the potty at a moment’s notice. This works best in summer, or when you’re able to warm up your house enough to keep your little one’s bottom toasty and warm.

      3. Stay home for a few days

        Staying at home for 4-7 days is going to make it much easier for your child to have some success with potty training. By staying home, you’ll always have a potty close by and your toddler will know exactly where to go should the need arise.

        4. Leave the potty somewhere visible

          Leave the potty somewhere central to the house, such as the sitting room, with some toys around so that your child has easy access and can stay with you and play when using the potty - unless they prefer a little privacy, then leave it where they can easily find it!

          5. Celebrate all attempts

            Whether they fill the potty or leave it dry, celebrate every attempt that your child makes to use the potty. Every time they sit on the potty, congratulate them and make a big fuss about how wonderfully they’re doing.

            6. Use stickers

              Every child loves a sticker and, as such, they’re one of the best tools for potty training! Draw up a table on a piece of colored paper and let your child choose a sticker to place on the chart every time they sit on the potty - whether or not they pee or poop.

              7. Accept accidents

                Getting frustrated by accidents is normal, but it will only make the experience more stressful for both you and your child. Instead, let them know that’s ok, clean up the mess, and ask them if they would like to try sitting on the potty. Eventually, they’ll learn to connect the potty with needing to pee or poop!

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                ✨💛 HAPPY POTTY TRAINING 💛✨

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