How to Set Up an Efficient Changing Station

During your baby’s first year, you will be on “diaper duty” about 2,500 times. So it is critical to make sure you’ve got all the supplies you need, as well as a safe, and functional area set up for diaper change before your little one arrives. Find out how the right setup and supplies can make diaper duty easier:


Set up your changing station in an easy accessible area in your home. If you have a larger home, you might want to have one main station and several smaller stations. That way, you’ll always be within easy reach of diapers, cotton pads, diapering cream, and a changing pad.

Best surface for diaper station


While a changing pad on a bed or the floor can do the trick, you will want to choose a higher surface for your primary diapering station. This will save your back from frequent bendings (remember: up to 10 times a day!). Also prefer a space that is dedicated to diapering so you don’t have to clear up the surface when a #2 arrives at least desirable time (which is always the case).

Do I need to invest in a changing table? 

Not necessarily! Changing tables are made to the exact dimensions of a changing pad, usually have loads of storing space and can match your nursery decor nicely. But you can opt for a regular dresser or shelf and adapt it for diapering duty. This way, you can reuse the piece of furniture as storage when Baby grows out of the diaper phase (it may seem far away now but it won’t take that long). If you decide to go that route, make sure you secure your piece of furniture properly so that your baby does not roll over or fall from it. 

Setup the perfect diaper station


Stock up on all the essentials for your changing table and keep a close eye on your supplies so that you don’t fall short of these essentials at any point. Online recurring subscriptions are a perfect way to never run out of your favorite products. While the changing table is a good place to store your main essentials, it’s also good to keep a few of them in every room and your diaper bag so that they’re always close by when you need them.

Start with these essentials when you’re stocking your changing station:

  • Always make sure you have a few diapers ready to use within one hand reach. That means removing them from the packaging so you don’t need to battle the plastic liner while Baby is roaming around butt naked. If you use disposable diapers, do not stock too many of the same diaper size (or do not take them all out of the box) as babies grow in sprout and may go over the size within a couple of weeks. Rest assured: no matter how much you anticipate the amount you need for each size, your baby will always grow up one size right after you open a brand new box of diapers. 

    Disposable diapers

  • Most parents are counting on baby wipes as an essential item. While convenient in emergency situations, baby wipes can easily be replaced by soft dry wipes for everyday use. Paired with the right cleaning solution (next bullet point) they will offer a soft, room temperature wiping experience for your baby. They can find many other uses in your baby’s care (bath, face cleaning, nose blowing…) and you don’t need to worry about them drying out in the package. 

  • A French way of diapering is using a dry wipe (cotton pad or cloth) and a diapering lotion like La Petite Creme. This diapering lotion acts as a cleanser and protective diaper rash cream in one. A tad of lotion on a pad will make for a soft, gentle room-temperature cleaning while leaving a shiny protection layer on the skin in preparation for the next load. 

    La Petite Creme Diapering Lotion is made from the finest organic ingredients from nature, making it the best alternative to conventional baby wipes. Paired up with La Petite Creme organic diaper balm, you'll keep your baby's skin rash free 24/7. 

    Subscribe to recurring deliveries and you won’t have to worry about running out. 

    Diaper lotion alternative to baby wipes

  • Invest in a few waterproof changing pad covers and use two of them at the same time. That way, if the top cover gets soiled, you can whip it off quickly and still have a clean one underneath to change your baby on.

  • Have a few spare changes of clothes ready in case your baby’s outfit gets dirty. Here again, make sure they are accessible with one hand only (the other hand staying on the baby at all times).

    Diaper table with lotion and diaper balm

    Regardless of your choices on diaper station, it will probably take a few trial and errors before finding the perfect setup. This is perfectly normal: every baby and family are different and just remember there is no universally perfect setup: the best setup is the one that works for you!


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