How to Reuse Your La Petite Balm Containers

At La Petite Creme, the very first thing we have in mind is to be extra gentle with your baby’s skin. But we also aim at being gentle with our planet Earth and we try to reduce as much as possible our waste.

We are also limited by our small business size and the most suitable option for our products for now is to use plastic containers. We know it is not ideal and we are still looking for more eco-friendly solutions for both our lotion and balm.

In the meantime, we wanted to share a few tips on how to wash and reuse your balm containers to reduce unnecessary waste.

How to wash your balm containers

Because our main ingredient is organic olive oil, our balm is very rich and it can leave the container a bit greasy when reaching the end.

Follow these steps for a proper wash:

  • Rub the entire surface of the container to remove the residue of balm. Either with your hand, a washcloth or a cotton pad. You can use the leftovers to hydrate your hands for example.
  • Fill a bucket with dish soap and hot water and let your container and cap soak for 20 minutes or more if needed.
  • After the soapy hot bath, remove the label easily without leaving any glue residue.
  • Gently scrub and wash your container and cap with soap.
  • Rinse with warm water.

You now have a brand-new balm container, ready for its second life.

How to reuse your balm containers

Those little containers are so cute (of course, they’re our babies!) that we think it is sad to send them straight to the trash after their first use.

We have then gathered here a few ideas on how to reuse them at home.

1. Storage

  • Our containers are BPA free so they can be a perfect storage in your kitchen for condiments, spices or teas. Once the label removed, you can add your own to identify them. You can even directly write on them with permanent marker! They are not microwave safe though.
  • Your jewel-box is full and you want to put aside a few rings, earrings or bracelets? La Petite balm containers are here for you.
  • You are handy and like keeping screws and nails for some unexpected repairs in the house? Here again, our balm container is perfect for you.
  • You are crafty and need to store beads for your bracelet’s creations or stickers for your next scrapbook? Think no further and grab our balm container.

2. For kids

  • Our containers are BPA free so you can perfectly store some snacks for your child, either at home or on the go (but no microwave!).
  • If your baby can’t go on a stroll without their pacifier, our balm container will be perfect to safely store it in your bag.
  • If your little one wants to learn how to open and close containers, our balms will be the perfect learning tool. In addition, your child will learn how to screw and unscrew the lids.
  • Your little-one may also love to reuse them in their own room to store their little toys or keep some little treasures they found outside. They can even decorate them with their favorite stickers.
  • They are easily stackable so they will perfectly fit on a shelf and their bright cap make them easy t spot in the most crowded diaper bags.


Found other use for our empty containers? please share with us on Social Media or via email and we'll make sure to add it to our list. 

Let our favorite balm containers have a long and happy life!


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