How to Store Best La Petite Lotion and Balm

When you find a cosmetic product that you like (and that works), you want it to last forever and stay in perfect condition for its whole lifespan.

Here are the best storage tips to keep La Petite Creme lotion and balm as fresh as intended for optimal use. 

How long can I keep my lotion or balm?

  • Our products are best if used within 1 year of manufacturing, because all of our ingredients are natural and there is no chemical preservative.
  • The expiration date is labelled at the bottom or back of each of our containers with the month and year of expiration. 
    Example: 10-2023-0230 means that the product is good until 10 (October) 2023. (0230) indicate the batch number. 
  • After opening, use the balm or lotion within the first 6 months to ensure maximum freshness and benefits of the ingredients.

    How to store my containers?

    The best way to preserve your La Petite Creme favorite products is to store them in a dry place, away from direct sunlight or heat.

    Depending on how your nursery is set up and where you need to keep your diapering essentials handy, your lotion and balm will do best:

    • In a changing table drawer or lower shelf,
    • A cabinet close to your changing station,
    • A little basket that you can easily carry around the house for anywhere you change your baby.

    Can I use an expired product?

    While some products that have passed the expiration date might only display a strong rancid smell (from the olive oil that got old), we encourage you to not use expired products on your little one. However, you can still use it on your favorite leather handbag to restore its shine. 

    And of course, if you experience an unusual or unexpected issue with the freshness of our lotion and balm before the expiration (usually due to shipping conditions or third-party fulfilment storage), make sure to contact us to get it replaced by a nice fresh one.   




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