Why Buying from a Small Business Makes a Difference

As far as shopping goes, we have 2 possibilities: either purchase from a large enterprise or from a small business.

In today’s blog, we’d like to point out how it highly matters when you buy from a small business (like ours!) and why it is better for you too.

What are the benefits of buying from a small business?

Choosing to buy from a small business has a significant impact on the local economy:

  • Your product is often made in the US,
  • Your purchase creates local employment,
  • The taxes paid by the local business supports the local community,
  • The manufacturing conditions are complying with local and federal regulations,
  • Your money is going towards helping entrepreneurs (often mothers) provide for their families,
  • You are keeping the American Dream alive.

How is shopping from small businesses good for you?

Choosing to buy from a small business has numerous advantages for you:

  • Customer service is attentive and considerate because small businesses have at heart to make time for every single one of their customer,
  • Advice is diligent because you will be in contact with a person who is involved in the everyday business,
  • Your purchase will matter for the business - you’re not just a number among plenty,
  • Quality is carefully considered and products are made with love,
  • You are keeping the American Dream alive - that's good karma.

Why choose La Petite Creme, a small business by choice.

La Petite Creme is a purposely small, Women-Owned, business that we, Cecile and Fanny, created about 10 years ago. As moms, we had at heart helping other moms with a safe and efficient diapering routine. Today, we don't serve "customers": we serve mothers, fathers, babies and even older children and adults in their diapering journey. 

As small business entrepreneurs, we vow to:

  • give the best quality: all our products are handmade, by us, and we perform quality control all year long for every single batch to ensure that each bottle keeps its utmost quality until its end of shelf life,
  • listen: Fanny always provides personal answers to every customer who reaches out to her,
  • make it right: we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Because we understand that sometimes - regardless of how wonderful our products are - they might not be the right fit for your family,
  • set a fair price: we offer a high quality product and understand that a baby generates a lot of expenses for you to consider. To help your wallet, we offer subscriptions that make you save on the long run,
  • be real: If you ever check our Instagram, you'll see that we are very imperfectly humans, and shameless about it. So come as you are because, we sure will. 


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