The best way to set up your at-home diaper station

Wondering how to set up your diaper station at home so that it’s functional, safe, and perhaps even a little bit cute (because why not?!)?

Whether it's your first rodeo or you're a seasoned pro, having a well-set-up diaper station can make the poopocalypse a tad more bearable.

Let’s get started.

The best way to set up your at-home diaper station 

Here are six tips for setting up your at-home diaper station - they’ll make your life just that little bit easier!

  1. Location

Pick a spot that's convenient. You probably don't want your changing station front and center in your living room, but it’s a good idea to pick somewhere that’s easy for you to get to throughout the day.

  1. Remember the essentials

To make sure that you have everything on hand at a moment’s notice, you'll need more than just diapers and diaper lotion.

Equip your station with a stash of spare clothes, all-natural diaper balm, and a pack of sanitizing wipes for good measure. Consider having a diaper pail nearby to contain the smell…

  1. Make it look cute (if you like!)

You're not vying for a spot on a home décor magazine cover, but a touch of something more visually pleasing might make it a more pleasant corner of your home.

Add a cute changing pad cover over the changing mat and be sure to have a couple of spares as they won’t stay clean for long!

  1. Make it safe

Secure your changing station to the wall - soon enough, your bundle of joy will be scaling everything they set their eyes on.

Keep unsafe items (like disposable diaper bags) out of reach of your little one and make sure that you never leave your baby unsupervised!

  1. Make it functional

Use baskets or bins to contain your supplies. You don't want to be rummaging through a bottomless diaper bag like you're on a treasure hunt every time the baby decides it's time to make a deposit. Efficiency is key when you're knee-deep in the trenches.

Baskets are your new best friends. Fill them with diapers, diaper lotion and balm, spare onesies, and whatever else you need within arm's reach.

(Plus, they add a touch of rustic charm – or so Pinterest tells us).

  1. Consider a foldable bed and changing station combo

If you're gonna invest in a changing station, why not make sure that it can multitask?!

A foldable bed with a changing station is like the Swiss Army knife of diaper stations. It's a bed when you need it, a changing station for your diaper needs, and can also be used as a safe play space for your little one.

In the diaper-changing battlefield, a well-organized and practical station can be your saving grace. Keep it simple, keep it safe, and throw in a cute touch or two if you feel like it.

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