The Benefits of Limestone

At La Petite Creme, we are proud to have been able to create baby diapering cosmetics that are not only efficient but also 100% safe for your sweet little one, without any harmful chemical.

If you wish to know more about the full list of our ingredients as well as their own benefits, please read our blog Why We Chose Our ingredients.

Today, we’d like to focus specifically on limestone.

What is limestone exactly and what does it bring to our lotion and balm as well as to your baby’s skin?

Let’s take a closer look!

What is limestone?

Limestone is a type of sedimentary rock that is the source of a material called lime. The only common point with the fruit here, is the name! This lime is a very fine white powder that, diluted in water, makes limewater, also called milk of lime.

In the food industry, calcium hydroxide is used in the production of corn tortilla or in the pickle process of cucumbers or other foods.

The limestone we use in our lotion and balm is sourced in the USA. It is high quality, food grade, non irradiated and produced in accordance to the USDA Organic certification requirements.

What are the benefits of limestone?

We use limestone for its disinfecting properties and its pH attributes.

Studies show that limestone has natural antibacterial properties when used in small concentration and have been used for ages for this unique quality.

Limewater is also very alkaline (opposite of acidic on the pH spectrum) by nature. In our products, we combine it with gentle Olive Oil and pH neutral ingredients to reduce the pH to a near neutral level but still slightly alkaline. 

This slight alkalinity of the lotion will fight the acidity of the urine and feces that will get in contact with your baby's skin. Maintaining a neutral pH on the skin is key to prevent the skin from breaking into a rash. 

Using La Petite lotion daily, at every diaper change, will make sure your baby’s skin is clean, free of bacteria and well protected. The residual lotion that remains on the skin after wiping will control the pH when the next loads arrives.

The same benefits apply to La Petite diapering balm to tackle an existing rash.

To know more about what can cause a diaper rash, read our blog here.


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