Best Tips for Nighttime Diaper Change

Changing a diaper during the night is, to say the least, a task!

Mom and Dad are tired, and the last thing they want is to stay awake for too long with a baby who wants to play and no longer sleep!

In this blog, we’ll look at why it is still important to change your baby's diaper during the night and give a few tips for the task to go as smooth as possible.

Why it’s important to change your baby’s diaper even during the night

During the first few months of their life, babies need to drink often because their stomach is small are they are not full for long.

Drinking often also means that their small digestive system gets rid of what came in pretty fast and that they need regular diaper change.

It is still important to change your baby's diaper, even when being tired at night, for various reasons:

  • Comfort: If your baby stays too wet for too long at night, it may have an impact on the quality of their sleep or wake them up. And if they don't sleep well, they may be cranky during the day.
  • Rash: Leaving a wet or soiled diaper for too long on a baby's skin may create some rash or redness.
  • Leaks: Not changing a diaper during the night can lead to heavy leaks and you'll end up having to change and dry the whole bed linen and mattress.

But (yes, there is a but!), because we all know that changing a diaper at night is not the most pleasant work, we thought about some tips that could make the task easier for both you and your baby.

Tips for a smooth night time diaper change

Some solutions exist to make night time diaper change easier and we tried to list a few for you:

  • Prepare everything you will need before bedtime: a few diapers, wipes or cleaning lotion cotton pads, protective ointment, diaper cream, and a change of cloth just in case.
  • Change your baby right before putting them to bed.
  • PROTECT PROTECT PROTECT! Because you will not instantly notice when the diaper is soiled, it is key to protect your baby's skin against the contact with acidic urine or feces to avoid possible night rash.
  • Use a cleaning lotion and cotton pads instead of conventional wipes. La Petite Creme all-in-one cleanser leaves a protective barrier behind that removes the need for protective ointment and diaper cream so you not only get the job done faster but you also offer extra protection for heavy night loads. 
  • Choose organic, good quality, high absorbing nighttime diapers.
  • Use button down pajamas or even better a sleeping gown to have quick access to the diaper.
  • Pick up all the toys on floor for easy access to the bed!
  • Have a portable dimmed nightlight that you can keep handy by your bed and use it to change your baby without having to put the full lights on.
  • When changing your baby, try not to talk too much to them. Use a very soft voice or don't talk at all to keep a sleeping atmosphere.

Bonus tip: use room temperature products. Cold wipes may shock your baby's senses and wake him up. Lucky for you, La Petite Creme lotion and balm are kept at room temperature, they will be very gentle on your baby's skin in the middle of the night and will not give them a cold sensation that wet wipes will!


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