La Petite Creme for Elderly Care

The initial purpose of La Petite Creme is to offer a safe everyday cleanser for baby diaper care.

But babies are not the only ones dealing with very thin and delicate skin and our elderly loved ones are facing similar needs as far as skin protection is concerned.

Here is how you can use La Petite Creme for elderly skin conditions and adult diapering care.

La Petite Creme for Adult Diaper Care

Using our lotion as a cleanser with either cotton pads or toilet paper will make wiping easier and more comfortable. The lotion will leave a long-lasting protective layer on the skin of your older loved one which will prevent the next pee or poo to stick to the skin and irritate it.  

If you need an adult diaper rash treatment, our balm is perfect for you. Packed with natural healing organic ingredients, it is your perfect diaper rash cream for adults: it will disinfect, nourish and protect your loved one's skin.

Both our lotion and balm are made with 100% natural and safe ingredients for the most delicates of skins. They are Certified Organic and EWG Verified.

La Petite Creme to promote blood flow and prevent contractures

If you need to care for a bedridden adult, it is possible that overtime they develop painful contractures due to the lack of movement.

After cleaning your patient with a very gentle soap, massaging daily the arms, the back, and the legs with our lotion will provide a lot of benefits. It will:

  • help the skin stay well hydrated,
  • stimulate the blood flow,
  • stimulate the muscles to prevent contractures,
  • provide a loving, gentle moment of care, good for the soul.

La Petite Creme to prevent skin conditions

Being confined in bed also can lead to painful skin conditions due to the friction with the sheets and extended stays without movement.

Massaging your patient’s or loved one’s joints, heels, feet, and calves daily with our balm will:

  • gently and safely emolliate the skin to prevent dryness or xerosis,
  • gently nourish delicate skin,
  • leave a soft protective layer,
  • be quickly absorbed by the skin.

Caring for a disabled or elderly loved one is difficult and takes its toll. We hope that using our humble products and knowing that they are 100% safe for your vulnerable loved one will bring some comfort to the both of you 💛

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