7 Tips to Distract Your Baby During Diaper Change

When it is diaper time, our babies can either be happily excited or strongly disapproving. 

Often times, they choose this moment to let their little personality out and may roll, scream, cry, kick, wiggle, which can quickly transform a diaper change into a wrestling match.

In this blog, we give you a few strategies to distract baby so you can comfortably handle with their diaper business.

7 Tips to distract your baby during diaper change

1- Give them a toy or an unusual item

The objective being to distract your little one as long as possible to give you enough time to change the diaper, any safe item that will keep them busy will do the trick!

A baby toothbrush or hair brush, their bath thermometer, a soft book, a toy they like, a closed kitchen container with a noisy accessory inside, a silicon spoon are all safe items you can give your baby to keep them busy.

2- Sing with them

Talking to your baby, describing them the different steps you are going through to take care of their dirty diaper, or singing to them will undoubtedly keep their attention focused to you and distract them from wanting to wiggle around while you change their diaper.

3- Place them under a mirror or a mobile

If possible, place your baby on the floor and set up a mirror activity or mobile arch to distract them during diaper change.

4- Stimulate their senses

Blow air onto different random arts of their body (belly, legs, top of head, hand...) while they are laying down. The sudden and random stimulation of their senses will keep them wondering what's going on long enough for you to finish your task.

5- Talk to them a few minutes before the change to prepare them

Tell your little one a few minutes before that it will soon be diaper change time so they know it’s going to happen. It will give their little brain some time to process and be prepared to the coming duty!

6- Offer them an activity to do together for when it's done

Promise your baby that when you are finished changing their diaper, you will spend some special time with them, either to read a book or play with their favorite toy. They will look forward to it!

7- Get them involved in the process

Give your little one the responsibility to help you in the diaper change process. As early as 6 months old, they will understand that they are helping you. They can hold the diaper for you, a washcloth, or your diaper balm container. It will make them feel like they are participating and they will probably cooperate better.

Don't hesitate to be firm

If all the above didn’t work, don’t hesitate to tell them with a firm voice that it is not a time to misbehave. They will quickly understand that you are the one deciding what is best for them and that it’s important they don’t wiggle around if they want it to be over quickly.


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