5 Tips to Make Diaper Duty a Breeze

Diaper changes can be exhausting, but these tips and tricks straight from parents can help minimize the hassle. 

Diaper duty can feel like a gigantic task, whether you’re a parent-to-be making preparations for the diaper changes to come or a new parent fresh on the front lines. It is not the most enjoyable aspect of parenting, but it’s a necessary one. It can be a messy situation, but somebody has to do it. The secret to changing diapers quickly and neatly is to have all your supplies at hand. Then consider it a great time to bond with your baby!

5 few tips below:

Practice diaper change on a stuffed animal

1) Familiarize yourself with diapering 

Parents are recommended to practice diaper changing well before the baby arrives. This will get you used to what needs to be done and when. 

Gather your supplies and do a couple of run-throughs with a stuffed animal or doll and make sure you get your partner involved too.

Diaper station

2) Have multiple changing stations

Ideally, you should have at least two diaper changing stations: one in the nursery on top of a low dresser or changing table and one in a nearby room. This second changing area should include a portable mat and a small basket with the essentials.

Diaper station essentials

3) Stock each station with essentials

Each changing area should have a basket with the following: diapers, dry wipes, cotton pads or washcloths, moisturizer, and disposable plastic shopping bags, which can be used for discarding soiled items without making a stinky mess. 

Instead of using wipes, opt for clean cloths or cotton pads and a diapering lotion like La Petite Creme

La Petite Creme is a French-inspired, all-natural cleanser used as a replacement for baby wipes, diaper ointment, and diaper cream ALL IN ONE! It helps protect your babies’ bum from diaper rashes as it leaves a protective layer on your baby’s skin. 


Diaper change can be fun

4) Create a special setup for diapering
For this special time together, get creative. Many parents make up a song that’s only sung at changing time or put their own spin on a classic. Try to come up with enthusiastic songs. For all you know, your munchkin might join in with his/her cutest little voice! 

Keep clam and diaper

5) Stay calm and composed

Of course, you can expect some kicking, screaming, or a mess at times, but it’s important to stay as calm as possible whatever situation might arise. Be extra patient because losing your cool might just make your toddler less cooperative and escalate to screaming and power struggles.

Take breaths, laugh, and giggle even when your little one is fussy and keep on changing him despite his mood instead of picking him up and calming him, which will ultimately make things longer in the end.


Changing a child’s diaper is not always a pleasant experience, but it is also an invaluable chance to spend some one-on-one time with your child. The position of parent and baby during a diaper change is perfect for creating a bonding experience between the two of you. And remember: the messier experiences usually make for the funniest stories later on!


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