10 Things You Must Have Before Your Baby's Arrival

The first two years of raising a baby can cost approximately $25,000. As you have more children, child-rearing becomes less expensive as you don't have to invest in new equipment each time. 

Are you a first-time parent wondering how to prepare for the big day? Here are some essential items to have before your baby's arrival.

  1. Receiving Blankets

These soft blankets are the perfect size for your first baby. They're just what you need when you want to wrap them into a little burrito-style swaddle. Master the swaddle fold, and you'll be able to soothe your baby anywhere. 

  1. Gentle Diapering Lotion

At la Petite Creme, we have the safest all-in-one diapering lotion for your baby's sensitive bum. It's a gentle organic product, EWG Verified, that replaces both baby wipes and diaper cream. Unlike other baby cleansers, there are no irritating chemicals or other harsh ingredients that could harm your baby's bottom.

  1. A Baby Monitor

You'll want to be able to listen to your baby without going into their room and waking them up. You can even take a nap while they are sleeping without the concern that you won't hear them cry. A baby monitor allows you to be outside or in another area of your home without losing the ability to hear them. 

  1. Nose Cleaning

Your baby's nose can sometimes become congested with mucus. That makes it harder for them to breathe, and they don't know yet how to blow their nose. While a nose syringe can do the job, you will find that this simple nose cleaning technique does an even better (less aggressive) job for babies and toddlers.

  1. Diapers and Diaper Bag

It’s always better to have your diapers ready before welcoming your newborn. Don’t buy too many size 1 diapers though as you are never sure of your baby’s actual size before they arrive. It is then better to get a few size 1 for your baby first days and a few size 2 for after. If you're using cloth diapers, you'll need ones with snaps or closures.

Diaper bags should have room for essentials and a travel-size changing pad. The best ones have lots of pockets and insulated bottle storage.  At la Petite Creme, our diapering lotion is also available in a travel-size bottle that will easily fit in any diaper bag you choose.

  1. Changing Table

When it comes to baby equipment, you will be grateful for a changing table. You can change a baby anywhere with a changing pad or a towel, but a changing table will save your back. Be sure to find one that's the right height for you. 

  1. Car Seat

This is an essential piece of safety equipment to drive your baby home from the hospital. Ensure that the seat is rear-facing and meets the most current safety standards. Install the seat with an anchor in the back seat of your car before the baby comes.

  1. Crib and Bedding

Your little one will need a proper place to sleep. Be sure the crib you choose for your first child meets current safety regulations by purchasing a new one rather than finding one second-hand. 

Make sure to choose well fitted sheets and take a few ones to be able to change them regularly.

  1. Feeding supplies

If you choose to bottle feed your baby, you will need a few bottles in advance with additional nipples to change them regularly. Baby bottles with a few different-sized nipples will get you started. 

If you choose to breastfeed, one essential item is a breast pump and storage containers for breast milk. Breast pumps come in manual or electric models, and both have their advantages. You can also have a few bottles handy for when your baby cannot stay with you.

  1. Stroller For Outings

A sturdy stroller that folds down easily is a must. Some strollers allow you to clip in the car seat for your newborn. When they grow older, they can sit in the stroller independently.

Prepare For Your Baby's Arrival Today

We use only six ingredients in our baby lotion and balm to keep their delicate skin healthy and rash-free. You'll want to have them on-hand before your baby's arrival.

You can ask for one of our bundles on your registry or subscribe and save  to receive our product on a regular basis. We have everything you’ll need to be ready for your newborn first diaper change with organic products that will protect your baby's booty.



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