10 Parent-Approved Diapering Tips

Babies around the World have one thing in common: they all pee and poo! And unless you decide to embark on the Elimination Communication journey from day 1, chances are you WILL need to change diapers at some point of your babies first years. 

Parents are often given little to no directions on how to effectively face the 2,500+ diaper changes their baby will face in the first year.

So we gathered 10 tips from seasoned parents on how you can make this time a 'not too shitty' one (pun intended).

  1. Dry it out

Every time you change your baby’s diaper, pat them dry gently before putting on the fresh diaper. Better yet, let their skin air-dry whenever possible. Place a waterproof pad, blanket, or towel on the floor and let your baby play while their bottom gets some airtime.

  1. Find the right fit

Diapers that are too tight can be a possible cause of diaper rash. Check that the diaper fits correctly and ensure that you buy larger sizes as the infant grows.

A good sign that baby is ready for a size up is when the diaper suddenly leaks several nights/days in a row.

Right fit of diaper - best diaper tips from parents

  1. Keep irritants away

If an infant develops a diaper rash frequently, their skin may be sensitive to a particular product. 

For example, a specific brand of diaper or baby wipe could trigger the rash. For cloth diapers, the laundry detergent used for washing could possibly be responsible for the rash.

Eliminating harsh chemicals and scents may help to clear persistent or recurring rashes.

  1. Don’t rush it

Diaper changing is not a race. Your baby will usually respond to your quick moves by being agitated as well. Slow movements and soft verbal cues will communicate to your little one that diapering is a calm and enjoyable one-on-one moment with you. 

Don't rush to change the diaper. Enjoy the moment.

  1. Discard away

When you and you baby are out and about, many unexpected moments can happen. Consider bringing a wet bag at all times for dirty clothes, shoes, diapers, and more. It has great waterproof protection that will keep anything that is wet or dirty clear from everything else that you have. A little trick that might save the day!

  1. Distraction is key

Keep a toy or an eye-catching object handy next to your diapering station. While baby's attention is focused on the object, he won't be inclined to crawl away. 

No object in sight? Make funny noises with your mouth to attract your little's one attention during the diaper change.  

Distract baby while changing diaper

  1. Anticipate

Like with everything in life, having the right tools in hand makes a world of  difference when it comes time to change a diaper. Try a few things and identify what works for YOU and your little one (remember: there is no universal "good gear"). Once you find your key tools, make sure to have them in all your diaper stations around the house and in your diaper bag. If budget allows, duplicate the tools so you don't risk forgetting the one thing you need most at home when you are out.

  1. Use clothing to help

Your baby is a master of hand dance? Simply roll up her onesie or pajamas over her arms to lock them in place while you change her diaper. Voila! The field is now free for your diaper duty.

Put a clean diaper under your baby before changing the diaper

  1. Layer up

For easy cleaning, place the new diaper under your baby before opening the dirty one. This way, if your change does not go as planned OR an accident happens while your baby is diaper-free, you won't stain your diaper pad (or couch).

  1. Instant wiping

Money saver: use the front of the dirty diaper as your first wipe. The top front of the diaper (the part that sits on the belly) is always clean and its absorbing material is great for wiping the mess. You just saved one wet/dry wipe! 

EXTRA TIP. Don't use wipes!

Yes: you read that right! La Petite Creme Organic diapering lotion single handedly replace your baby wipes and diaper cream all-in-one. Its oil-based formulation inspired from a traditional French recipe cleans your baby's bottom like a wipe and builds a protective layer on the skin to repel moisture and acidity (main causes of diaper rash). 💛

La Petite Creme also makes the next #2 glide right off the skin; this means an easier diaper change the next time around. 



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