Postpartum Doula Program

Welcome fellow Doulas!

75% of US babies will develop a diaper rash in their infancy. That's HUGE! 

A proper diaper routine can prevent diaper rash if it contains these 3 essential actions: Cleansing, Protection (barrier) and Repair (aka #diaperCPR)

Unfortunately, new parents don't have time to apply 3  different products to achieve an optimum diaper CPR routine and their sweet baby often ends paying the price with an irritated bum. 

But, they don't have to! Because France has the solution: a 3-in-1 natural lotion that Cleans (like a wipe), Protects (like a barrier ointment) and Repair (like a diaper cream) in one application.

After observing the absence of diaper rash in France compared to the US, we - French Postpartum Doula Fanny and Doula Cecile - have taken the traditional French diapering lotion recipe and brought it here in the US to help the millions of American families dealing with diaper rash. 

Rooted deep into the French culture of prevention and high European clean standards, our diapering lotion (and companion healing balms) are made with a handful of natural ingredients, certified organic and EWG verified. 

Ingredients are: 

- Organic extra virgin olive oil
- Organic beeswax
- Organic vegetable glycerin
- Water
- Limestone
- Vitamin E

"It's easier & it's natural = WIN-WIN"

As doulas ourselves, we understand and value the hard work that goes into teaching new parents to navigate the first few weeks with their babies. That's why Postpartum Doulas LOVE our "parenting hack" of having a single product to tackle 3 steps AND do it without nasty ingredients or chemicals. 


Our Postpartum Doula Program is your chance to provide your clients with the safest, most efficient diaper routine out there! 

By signing up to our Postpartum Doula program, you will receive: 

  • A FREE demo kit: a selection of full size La Petite Creme products to demo "the French way" of diapering to your new parents
  • Coupons to hand out to your clients to order on our website 
  • The opportunity to sign up for our affiliate program and earn 10% commission on all sales you generate



You've been approved to our Program? Congrats and welcome to La Petite Doulas

Next step: Order your FREE demo kit (using your exclusive coupon provided curing approval process) and get your clients to experience the "shiny layer" on their hand or on their baby's bum. Once they feel it, they will get the "aha moment" that will change their diapering experience forever. 

DEMO kit includes: 
- full size French diapering lotion bottle with pump
- 50 cotton pads to apply the lotion

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