Petite Creme Affiliate Program (via ShareASale)

You want to spread the word about your favorite diapering product and make a few bucks along the way? How affiliate program is the way to share your love with La Petite Creme on your mommy blog, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Email, Text or any platform you use to talk with your fellow mom friends.

This step-by-step guide will walk you through the steps to join our program: 

1. Create an account on ShareASale platform (FREE)

Note: you will need a blog or website to create an account.


La Petite Creme - Affiliate program step 1

2. Get approved

Once you've created your account and it has been approved by ShareASale (approval time varies from instantaneous to a few hours depending on the data you entered).


La Petite Creme - Affiliate program step 2


3. Join our program

Search "La Petite Creme" in the Merchant list or access our store directly here:


La Petite Creme - Affiliate program step 3



4. Submit application

In the application screen, please tell us more about you, where you heard about our affiliate program and where to plan to post your affiliate links. 

We filters requests to avoid scammy requests. So make sure you fill out some information so we know you are an actual person and not a robot. 


La Petite Creme - Affiliate program step 4



5. Wait for approval

Once submitted, your application is sent to us for approval. We use the information provided in step #4 to determine whether the inquiry is valid or a scam. We will up to 2 business day to approve your request.


La Petite Creme - Affiliate program step 5



6. Get approved

Once you are approved, you will receive a notification in your email

La Petite Creme - Affiliate program step 6

7. Copy our link

"Copy to clipboard" to get your personalized link. Every sale made via that link will earn you a 10% commission.


La Petite Creme - Affiliate program step 7


You can also create your own short link to any product of our website using the "Links>Create Custom Link" feature (details here:

For more tips on promote affiliates links on Social Media, check out this article.

Disclaimer: you are solely responsible for adhering to the Terms & Conditions of the ShareASale platform and local regulations (such as tax reporting). Consult ShareASale website for payment setup and  FAQs.

If you have any question regarding our Affiliate Program, feel free to contact us here.