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French Diapering 101

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    USDA Certified Organic

    Introducing French Diapering 101 – Your Gateway to Safer, Easier, and Rash-Free Diapering! 

    Are you tired of the constant battle against diaper rash? Join the revolution in diapering with La Petite Creme's French Diapering 101 bundle, curated by French moms Cecile and Fanny. Discover the age-old secret to French diapering that's set to transform your diapering journey.

    Why French Diapering? The Benefits Unveiled:

    🌿 Lotion Magic vs. Wipes Woes: French moms don't use baby wipes – they rely on a special lotion that cleans like a wipe, protects like a diaper ointment, and heals like a cream. Bid farewell to the woes of baby wipes and embrace the soothing efficacy of our traditional French recipe.

    👶 Diaper Rash? Not in France! In France, diaper rash is not as common, thanks to the daily use of lotion instead of wipes. Cecile and Fanny decided it was time to share this wisdom and imported the traditional French recipe, making it the safest possible option for American babies.

    🌱 USDA Certified Organic and EWG Verified: Our French Diapering 101 bundle adheres to the highest standards. USDA certified organic, EWG verified, and made according to European standards, it's a testament to purity and safety for your precious one.

    🚫 Say No to Nasty Chemicals: La Petite Creme products are free of fragrance, parabens, sulfates, and all the nasty chemicals found in typical baby wipes. Your baby deserves the best, and our bundle ensures just that.

    Embark on the French Diapering Wagon with Our Bundle:

    🌈 Diapering Lotion (1 Bottle with pump): Our signature lotion is your daily companion, cleaning, protecting, and healing at every diaper change. Experience the magic of French diapering with ease.

    🌿 Cotton Pads (50 pcs): Gentle and effective, our cotton pads complement the lotion for a complete diapering experience. Soft on your baby's skin, these pads make diaper changes a breeze.

    🌟 Lotion Refill Bottle (1 Bottle): Keep the magic going with our refill bottle of French diapering lotion. Convenient and sustainable, it ensures you never run out of the goodness that makes French diapering truly exceptional.

    Ready to embark on a diapering journey that's safer, easier, and rash-free? Join the French Diapering revolution with our French Diapering 101 bundle. Your baby deserves the best, and La Petite Creme is here to deliver it. ✨