Why is My Baby's Skin Red?

Taking care of a little baby is a true delight. But it also comes with a few situations that can trigger worries for parents.

Your baby is suddenly having redness on their skin and you wonder why and what to do?

We have gathered in this blog a few reasons why your baby can have red skin and how to soothe their irritation.

Why is My Baby's Skin Red?

Babies are fragile little humans and because their whole system, including their skin, is not fully developed yet, they are more sensitive to their surroundings.

We give you here the most common reasons why your baby's skin can become red or develop an irritation:

  1. Irritation from the clothing, or contact dermatitis
  2. Allergy to an ingredient in the laundry detergent or in other cosmetics used in their daily care
  3. Eczema
  4. Drool rash when teething
  5. Mosquito or spider bites
  6. Sweat
  7. Dry skin
  8. Diaper closed too tight
  9. Diaper rash

    What to Do if My Baby's Skin is Red?

    In order to prevent your baby from developing allergies or rash on their skin, we recommend a few precautions:

    1. Choose hypoallergenic laundry detergent and babies cosmetics with simple and safe ingredients
    2. Prefer soft cotton clothing to synthetic fabrics
    3. Make sure their clothes are not too tight
    4. In hot summer times, prefer lightweight clothing
    5. Regularly moisturize your baby's delicate skin, especially after a bath
    6. When closing the diaper, make sure that their skin is dry and that you can put 2 fingers between the diaper and their waist

    It is very possible that despite all these efforts and cautionary measures, your baby still develops a rash or a skin irritation.

    We always advice, when in doubt, to consult your pediatrician to have a professional opinion and make sure there is no underlying condition.

    Our diapering lotion and diaper balm are your perfect solution to prevent or heal diaper rashes on your baby.

    But they also work wonderfully on any other type of rash or irritation, anywhere else on their cute little body.

    Certified organic, EWG Verified, and made with only natural ingredients, we guarantee you that they are 100% safe to sooth your baby's red skin.

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