Why Choosing La Petite Creme

When having a baby, the first question we may have in mind is: how can I find diapering products that actually work and are the safest for my baby’s delicate skin?

There are so many options on the market that it can be difficult to choose.

Well, at La Petite Creme, we have developed diapering essentials that you can trust so you don’t have to worry any further.

But why do we firmly believe you should select our lotion and balm for your little one diapering routine?

Let's tell you it all!

Because our ingredients list is short and sweet

How many cosmetic products can you find where you actually understand the list of ingredients?

Both our lotion and balm are made with only a couple of ingredients, that are all natural and easy to pronounce!

We use only 6 ingredients in La Petite diapering lotion to clean, hydrate and protect your baby’s delicate skin:

  • Organic extra virgin olive oil,
  • Organic beeswax,
  • Organic vegetable glycerin,
  • Water
  • Limestone,
  • Vitamin E.

And only 5 ingredients for La Petite diaper balm to moisturize and sooth irritation:

  • Organic extra virgin olive oil,
  • Organic beeswax,
  • Water,
  • Limestone,
  • Vitamin E.

Each ingredient serve a specific purpose for 24/7 bum protection. 

Because we are USDA Certified Organic

Both our diapering lotion and diaper balm are certified Organic by USDA, which means that we strictly follow all regulations set out by the USDA and don’t use any pesticide nor chemicals in our products but neither in our manufacturing facility in Miami!

To know more about Why Organic Matters, read our blog here.

Because we are EWG Verified

All the ingredients we use in both our lotion and balm are EWG Verified, which means they are 100% safe for your baby’s skin (and yours as well!).

Because we are Cruelty-Free 

Because we firmly believe that Small Businesses play a big part in changing manufacturing habits and making the World a better place, we have never tested our products on animals. 

Our brand and products are certified Cruelty-Free by Leaping Bunny, which means we guarantee that no animal tests were used in the development of any product coming our of our manufacturing facility (located in Florida). 

Because it’s easy to use

We understand how having to clean a little one’s dirty bump is not the most agreeable part of the job!

But we promise, using La Petite Crème diapering lotion is not complicated and the benefits for your baby (and for you as well) are outstanding. 

Our pump bottle is perfect to help you! Your baby needs a diaper change?

  1. Prepare a few cotton pads with some lotion before the change and…
  2. you’re all set and ready to perfectly clean the mess!

In addition, your baby’s skin will be soft and protected from any irritation at every diaper change.

Because we are Moms too

As moms ourselves, our priority is to make sure that you can trust our products for your sweet little one daily care.

There is already so much to think about when caring for a baby that we wanted to provide you with one less worry as far as diaper care is concerned.

Because those who tried it are convinced

If you are still hesitant, and we understand, just check the reviews on our website. We promise, they are real feedbacks from real customers!.


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