What Does Diapering Mean?

What does diapering mean exactly?

Yes, it has to do with changing your baby's diapers. But this simple daily task also means much more than that!

In this blog, we will explain what diapering means, what the basics of diapering are and give a few tips on how to make it a nice experience for you and your baby, despite the, sometimes, smelly business!


What Does Diapering Mean? 

Diapering is a daily care routine that you will implement from the very first hours of your baby's life up to 2 or 3 years! And it is more than just changing a dirty diaper: 

It's a ritual!

Indeed, when you change your baby's diaper, you:

  • meet your baby's primary needs. Keeping your little one dry and clean, is a basic need that is essential for your baby who depends entirely on you.
  • take care of their sensitive skin. Regularly changing your baby's diaper means that their very delicate skin will stay healthy.
  • teach them love. Yes! When you take care of your baby, your baby loves you but they also know that you love them. And even if they are very little, their brain is learning through you. So when you take care of them, they learn about love and mutual care.
  • share a special moment. It might be difficult to believe at first when you need to deal with a smelly diaper but yes, diapering is also about sharing a special moment with your little one, just the two of you and it is oh so important and beneficial.

Changing a Diaper

No matter what types of diapers you use, there are basic things that stay the same when you change a diaper.

Before you begin to change your little one, make sure you have all the supplies you need ready to use.

You don't want to be mid-diaper change and have to go find an item you forgot. You'll need a changing pad, diapers, fasteners (if using reusable diapers), your favorite diapering cleanser, a baby rash balm and a few toys to keep your litlte-one's hands busy.

How to change a Diaper?

When changing a disposable diaper, you'll want to open it and slightly lift your baby by the ankles to slide it out. If there is a lot of stool, you can use the front of the diaper to wipe towards the back and get the excess off. 

Next, clean your little one's skin thoroughly.

For little girls, you want to start in the front and go to the back. This will help prevent infection. 

With little boys, you want to ensure you clean around the penis and scrotum well. In addition, it might be useful to put a small cloth to cover their penis to prevent some unexpected accident.

Lift your baby slightly and place the back of the clean diaper under your baby's bottom.

Before closing the diaper, if need be, don't hesitate to apply our organic balm to protect your little one's skin. 

Finally, you'll pull the front of the diaper between your little one's legs and then close it using the tabs from the back.

For little boys, make sure their penis is pointed downwards to prevent the diaper from leaking.

Ensure that the diaper is not too tight and that the sticky tabs are fully on the diaper.

Tips to change your baby's diaper

Diapering little ones is not always an easy task. They are little humans and can actually move a lot during a diaper change!

We tried to make a list of a few helpful tips to make diapering a breathe, both for you and your baby.

  • Have all that you'll need handy, maybe in a little basket, out of your baby's reach.
  • Take a few clean diapers not just one, in case of an accident during the process or if a tab breaks while closing the new diaper.
  • Have a few toys ready or a safe unusual item for your baby to keep them busy while you clean them.
  • Have an extra change of cloth in case there's a little accident during the change.

Tips to make diapering a sweet experience

Diapering is not only about cleaning your baby's dirty business. It can also be a very sweet moment that you share with your little one.

  • Talk or sing to your baby when changing their diaper. Even if they can't answer, they will be very happy to have a conversation with you and they will listen to your words and learn at the same time.
  • Give them a few kisses or tickles here and there to play with their senses and show them your love.
  • Make it last. When your baby is all clean, enjoy a few extra minutes to play with your baby. It will be a very special time that you share just the two of you and that your baby will absolutely love.

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