How to Prevent Rashes in Premature Babies

Having a premature baby is a great challenge.

Premature babies' system is not fully developed, so they need a lot more care and attention than newborns who went full term.

The skin being also an organ that needs full development, when a baby is born too early, the risk of developing irritations is increased.

In this blog, we’d like to provide you with a few tips to optimize your premature baby's protection and make sure that their skin stays healthy and away from any rash.

Best Clothing for a Premature Baby

Because of their very sensitive and delicate skin, even clothing can trigger irritations in a premature baby.

Here are a few recommendations:

  • choose soft, comfortable, and easy to put on and off clothes. Organic cotton, soft cotton and other soft natural fibers will be best for your premature little-one as they will be gentle on their skin and will ensure airflow.
  • Choose the same materials for your preemie’s bed linens.
  • For baths towels, 100% muslin cotton ones are wonderful as they are super absorbent and very soft on a baby’s skin.
  • Choose a mild laundry detergent, free of harmful chemicals, to wash all your baby’s laundry as they can also irritate your premature infant skin.

Best Soaps for a Premature Baby

Giving a bath to a premature baby requires a lot of precautions.

We gathered the main ones here for you:

  • Swaddle bath is highly recommended as it provides comfort to your baby but also helps in keeping them warm.
  • Lukewarm water is the appropriate temperature to use for a premature baby.
  • No bubble bath.
  • Soap is not mandatory and doesn’t have to be used for each bath. If your decide to use soap once in a while for your premature baby’s bath, prefer simple mild soaps without harmful chemicals.

Best Diapering Essentials for a Premature Baby

Premature newborns are also more at risk of developing diaper rash.

By taking a few cautionary steps, you can help prevent these rashes on your little preemie's skin:

  • Choose organic diapers, free of fragrances and additional harmful chemicals,
  • To clean your little-one’s bottom, choose a soft, wet washcloth with lukewarm water,
  • Try to stay away from babies’ wipes as they are often packed with chemicals that can trigger irritation on your preemie’s skin.

We are proud to confirm that La Petite Creme is a 100% safe diapering solution for your premature newborn.

Made with all natural ingredients, both our diapering lotion and diaper balm are Certified Organic and EWG Verified.

They will make sure your sweet little preemie stays perfectly clean and fully protected from any diaper rash.


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