How to Master Your Diaper Routine Using The CPR Method

Embarking on the journey of diapering your little one can feel like navigating uncharted territory. But fear not, dear parents, for we're here to guide you through the essential steps of a proper diapering routine.

Introducing the CPR diaper method – Clean, Protect, Repair – a holistic way to take care of your baby's delicate bottom (and prevent diaper rash!).

Say goodbye to wipes and hello to a simplified approach that ensures your baby's bottom stays happy and healthy. Let's dive into the details and discover why the CPR diaper method is crucial for preventing diaper rash and keeping your little one's skin at its best

How to master your diaper routine using the CPR diaper method

Step 1: Clean


Gone are the days of harsh wipes and irritating chemicals – with the CPR method, cleanliness is achieved gently and effectively.

Ensuring your baby's bottom is thoroughly cleaned with each diaper change is essential for preventing diaper rash and maintaining overall hygiene. By gently wiping away any residue and keeping the diaper area clean and dry, you can reduce the risk of irritation and discomfort for your little one.

Step 2: Protect

olive oil

Protecting your baby's skin is paramount in preventing diaper rash and discomfort.

Creating a protective barrier between your baby's delicate skin and moisture or irritants helps to maintain skin health and prevent irritation. By using the CPR method to protect your baby's bottom, you can shield their skin from the harsh effects of urine and poop, as well as friction from diapers, keeping their skin healthy and comfortable.

Step 3: Repair


Even with the utmost care, diaper rash can still occur.

That's why the healing step of the CPR method is crucial for addressing any existing irritation and promoting skin recovery. By providing gentle care and soothing relief to irritated skin, you can help to speed up the healing process and alleviate discomfort for your baby. Whether it's a mild redness or more severe irritation, incorporating the healing step into your diaper routine ensures that your baby's skin stays happy and healthy.

La Petite Creme diaper lotion offers all-in-one protection for your baby’s bottom

Our diaper lotion covers all three essential steps of the CPR method – clean, protect, and repair – in one convenient product.

By combining gentle cleansing, long-lasting protection, and soothing healing properties, our diaper cream simplifies the diapering process and ensures comprehensive care for your baby's bottom with every diaper change.

Now, you may be wondering – why is the CPR method superior to traditional wipes?

The answer lies in its holistic approach to diaper care, we hear you! Wipes are just so wonderfully simple! But…

By combining the steps of cleaning, protecting, and repairing into one convenient lotion, the CPR method streamlines the diapering process and eliminates the need for multiple products. Not only does this save time and money, but it also ensures that your baby's bottom receives comprehensive care with every diaper change.

Moreover, the gentle and natural ingredients in our diaper lotion are far superior to the harsh chemicals found in many wipes. Instead of stripping your baby's skin of its natural oils, the CPR diaper method nourishes and moisturizes, leaving their skin soft, smooth, and healthy.

Final thoughts…

Mastering the art of diapering is simple with the CPR method.

By embracing cleanliness, protection, and healing in one convenient lotion, you can ensure that your baby's bottom stays happy and healthy at all times. Say goodbye to wipes and hello to the future of diaper care – the CPR method is here to simplify your diapering routine and we can’t wait to support you on your journey!

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