How Can an Older Sibling Help During Diaper Changes?

Let's talk about the juggling act of trying to look after a baby at the same time as trying to make sure that your older child doesn’t feel left it. It can be tricky!

One of the best ways to manage the balancing act is to include your baby’s sibling in baby duties as much as possible. That way, it’s no longer a case of mum leaving them for the baby, but an opportunity to have some fun!

Diaper changes are practically an Olympic event, and sometimes it feels like you need a team of superheroes to get through them unscathed. Which is where your older child can come in really handy.

Big sister kissing baby

How can an older sibling help during diaper changes?

Here are a few ways that your older child can help during diaper changes - a distracted baby and entertained toddler guaranteed!

1. Fetch and Carry Mission

You're knee-deep in diaper duty, and the baby starts doing their best acrobatic routine. Your older child can be the superhero-in-training by fetching wipes, diapers, and even a change of clothes.

Set up a little diaper station with all the supplies in one place, and teach your older one the art of grabbing the necessities. It's like having your own tiny assistant, ready to swoop in with a fresh diaper at a moment's notice! They’ll also love feeling so important.

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2. Distraction Tactics

Diaper changes can sometimes be a battle of wills, especially when your little one discovers their newfound ability to kick and squirm. Enter the older sibling with the power of distraction! 

Hand them a colorful toy, a funny book, or even give them the important task of making funny faces. Engaging your older child in entertaining the baby not only eases your diaper-changing mission but also fosters a sense of responsibility and bonding between siblings.

3. Sing the Diaper Change Anthem

Turn diaper changes into a musical extravaganza! Encourage your older child to serenade the baby with their favorite tunes or even compose a special diaper-changing song.

It not only makes the process more enjoyable but also turns a potentially stressful moment into an enjoyable family affair - who’d have thought it?!

Kid singing to baby

4. Lots of Praise

Positive reinforcement works wonders, and older siblings love to feel appreciated. Shower them with praise when they help out during diaper changes.

5. Teach and Learn Time

Diaper changes are an excellent opportunity for some educational bonding. Engage your older child by explaining what you're doing and why it's important. Use simple language and make it a mini science lesson – discussing cleanliness, hygiene, and the importance of taking care of their younger sibling.

It's a win-win situation – a clean baby and a little education thrown in!

Remember, moms, parenting is easier when you have a village, and your older child can be a part of that! Involving them in the diaper-changing routine not only lightens your load but also nurtures a sense of responsibility, empathy, and teamwork.

Superhero sibling

So, suit up, embrace the chaos, and turn diaper changes into a family adventure! You're doing an amazing job, and with your trusty sidekick by your side, there's nothing you can't handle.

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