Best Tips For Diapering On The Go

If the mere thought of changing your baby’s diaper away from home makes your teeth grind, you have found the right blog!

As moms ourselves, we know how intimidating that can be.

This is why we made a list of our best tips on how to change a diaper on the go!

1- Sanitize the public changing station

    You don’t know what happened on the public changing station before you arrived. So clean it up!

    No need to carry around a bunch of cleaning supplies though: your hand sanitizer and a few paper towels will do the job perfectly well.

    2- Wash your hands thoroughly

      After cleaning the changing area, clean your hands as well.

      3- Get the most convenient diaper bag

      Choosing a great and convenient diaper bag is not always easy. There are so many options available!

      Choose according to your preferences between a backpack or a shoulder bag but we found those with straps to attach to the strollers convenient. They can allow you to let the bag on the stroller while changing your baby and keep your hands free.

      It also needs to be big enough for you to pack diapers, a booty cleanser, a changing pad, a change of cloth, small toys, a pacifier, a bottle to feed and maybe a few snacks depending on your baby's age.

      4- Invest in a good, sturdy changing pad

      Even if you cleaned up the station before changing your baby, it is always better to have your own changing pad. You never know if you will have a changing station where you are going and if there is, it will provide your little one with a little bit more comfort.

      Some changing pads are super useful as they keep your baby both safe and busy with toys during diaper change.

      It will also be very useful when you're at a hotel, visit friends or family, or if you need to change your baby on your bed.

      5- Have a dry/wet bag

      One or two dry/wet bags in your diaper bag will be useful to bring along a change of cloth, but it is also perfect if you use cloth diapers.

      They are also an excellent investment as they can be used later when your little one starts day care or school for their change of cloth!

      6- Diapering on the go with La Petite Creme

      Are you wondering how to safely and easily bring along La Petite Creme for diapering on the go?

      We have the answer for you: a large, reusable zipper or silicone bag!

      Travel diaper bag

      Both will do wonders to store your mini lotion, your cotton pads and your travel size balm.

      We hope this short list will provide you with the best confidence to change your baby’s diaper anywhere!

      And if you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us!


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