The answer is very simple: PROTECTION!

Your wipes are failing youFrom the moment your little one is born, your instinct tells you that you need to protect him/her.
And you do so - tirelessly.

Your baby will go over 2,500 diapers in the first year. Which means 2,500 instances of acidic liquid or solid waste being in contact with your baby's precious sensitive bottom. Sometimes for a few seconds, most likely for a few minutes and fingers crossed for a few hours when your little one is soundly sleeping.

So what is protecting her skin then? Are you applying protective balm at every diaper change as directed by your pediatrician? 

Don't feel guilty, no one does. Why? Because life with a newborn is crazy and every second counts so we cut corners.
We all do it!


La Petite Creme will protect your baby's bottom 24/7 without having you to think about applying it! 
How? By replacing your baby wipes (which only cleanse) and ADDING the protective agent to your cleansing product. 
Replace baby wipes by French diapering lotion
Certified Organic and made with only 6 natural ingredients, La Petite Creme is an All-in-one Cleanser & Protective Lotion which replaces the use of:
  • baby wipes (cleansing)
  • baby powder (moisture control)
  • diaper ointment/balm (protection)
  • diaper cream (calming/soothing)

That way, the one step that you won't cut from your routine - cleansing - will take care of all the needs of your baby's sensitive bottom.

"I am concerned about the long term effects on my baby's health of ingredients I cannot pronounce."
So are we!
That's why our Diapering Lotion contains no fragrance, no harsh chemicals and no preservatives! It is pediatrician-recommendedhypoallergenic and designed specifically for the most precious of all babies: yours!

La Petite Creme - French Diapering Lotion

What's inside? Here is our full ingredients list:

  • Organic Olive Oil
  • Water
  • Organic Beeswax
  • Organic Vegetable Glycerin
  • Vitamin E
  • Limestone
Now sit back, relax, and let La Petite Creme pamper your baby's little behind effortlessly (and guilt free!)
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