Today more than ever, our babies are threatened by our aggressive environment in the form of chemicals, preservatives, and many other substances with which they are in constant contact.

Original French Recipe
It is our responsibility to find alternatives for the modern Mum to safely care for her innocent little ones. And what better place to find inspiration than in the traditional recipes brought from our native country: France!

As a healthcare professional and as a mom, together we have designed La Petite Creme to naturally fight the most common baby discomfort: diaper rash.

Fanny - La Petite CremeFor more than five years, Fanny worked as a baby nurse assistant in Limoges, France before relocating with her husband to the United States.
After having had the pleasure of assisting in over 500 births over the span of her career and treating premature babies in the NICU, she became even more committed to the health and wellness of new babies. She followed her passion further by becoming a Birth and Postpartum Doula.

Cecile _La Petite CremeCecile
, is a hardworking mother of two and dynamic IT Engineer. After becoming a first time mom just a few years ago, Cecile found it easy to determine what really mattered most in her life – the health and well being of her children. Like many modern women today, Cecile only allows the purest and most natural ingredients in her home to ensure that her family never has to worry about harsh chemicals affecting their healthy lifestyle. Practical and upbeat to her core, Cecile is known for her time-saving tips and life hacks to help those around her live better.


Our Mission
Our mission is to empower mothers, all mothers, by assuring them that even though motherhood is challenging – we believe in their choices. We firmly support and stand behind their decisions, because no one knows your child better than you, and because motherhood is a sisterhood with no room for judgment. Here’s to you, mommies, and the decisions you make each day to ensure the happiness and well being of your children!”