Alternative to Baby Wipes
La Petite Creme is first and foremost your alternative to baby wipes. Whether you use the natural organic kind or the cheap version sold by bulk, your baby wipes all have one think in common that will make you want to switch today! 
See how your wipes are failing you
  French Moms don't use baby wipes
La Petite Creme Oleo Calcareous Liniment is the #1 used product in France (and throughout Europe) to change diapers. 
Learn more about the history of French Moms' best kept secret
  How to use it?
You are skeptical on how you can use a lotion to replace baby wipes? 
Check out our Video Tutorial and learn how you can cleanse, protect and soothe in one single step!
  Is it safe? 
We are mothers as well and are very worried about the long term effects of some ingredients on the well being of our children. That's why La Petite Creme is Certified Organic and made with only 6 natural ingredients that you can pronounce.
  Does it REALLY work? 
We understand your skepticism. The only way to trust us is to give it a try! We are so confident you will love it that we are giving you 100% satisfaction guaranteed on your order. 
Order today and start French Diapering risk free!
La Petite Creme - Diaper Rash Cream