French Mom's Don't User Baby Wipes
How come none of my French baby patients experience diaper rash?
-- Dr. P. - Cecile's pediatrician
When Cecile (co-founder of La Petite Creme) heard her pediatrician make this statement, she knew there was something in the French Diapering Routine that was giving French babies an edge on preventing diaper rash. 
It turns out that French Moms don't use baby wipes on a regular basis. Baby wipes exist in France of course but they are not the primary product parents use to change diapers: Oleo-Calcareous Liniment is.

La Petite Creme - Cloth Diaper Safe
Recommended by hospitals and pediatricians throughout Europe, this multi-purpose lotion is known to help protect against 5 of the main causes of diaper rash:
  • Acidity of stool and urine
  • Chafing or rubbing
  • Introduction of new foods / stool change
  • Increased frequency of stools
  • Sensitive skin

Source: Mayo Clinic

    Having worked in the delivery room in France for years caring for newborns and preemies, Fanny (the other half of La Petite Creme) knew first hand the preventative benefits of this humble lotion.  

    It is our responsibility to share our Mothers' and Grandmothers' legacy with American Mothers.
    -- Fanny
    Original French Recipe And just like that, La Petite Creme was born!

    It's all the goodness of French traditional diapering lotion made right here in the US accordingly to FDA regulations.
    Made with the most gentle and natural of ingredients, La Petite Creme is USDA Certified Organi, hypoallergenic and safe for babies all ages either on disposable or cloth diapers.
    Cleansing with oil is a little disturbing at first but once you try it and experience the amazing results on your baby, your skepticism will be far gone!
    -- Cecile