As a busy mom of two under two I have little time to devote to product testing.

“I want something that works, and something that yields fast results.”

When my son Nicholas was born it became quickly apparent that he had extremely sensitive skin.

Many of the wipes we tried for sensitive skin simply were not resolving his chronic diaper rash.

La Petite Creme review

"Even just plain water on a wash cloth was irritating him."

Being a cloth diapering mama it's difficult to find products that can be used for diaper rash that won't destroy your diapers.

When we were first introduced to La Petite Creme diapering lotion it was in a local natural children's store.

I was at a point with testing products that weren't working for us and figured, what have I got to lose?

Within the first 24 hours we noticed a change.

The redness was beginning to fade and I couldn't believe how quickly things were improving.

I am happy to report that we are now, since finding this product, diaper rash free!

We are thrilled with the results and will absolutely be customers for life.

"It's truly amazing when you finally find something that works after feeling defeated by so many other products." 


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