Becca from Cloth Diaper Geek has done a very thorough review of La Petite Creme

La Petite Creme - Review by Cloth Diaper Geek 


"I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it at first. What was this stuff? A lotion? A cleanser? Was it cloth diaper safe? What sort of chemicals was I about to expose my children to?"

"I’m pretty impressed. I’ve never seen both of their bums looking so fresh and clean for so long. The stuff really does what it says it will do."

"Ultimately, I love this stuff way more than I love my wet cloth wipes. I love how it pampers my babies, especially during the dry winter months. I love how soft it makes their skin feel and I love, love, LOVE using it. I really do. I give it five out of five stars because it’s a simply wonderful product and I would highly recommend it to anyone."

Read the full review here: La Petite Crème, ‘I love this stuff WAY more than I love my wet wipes!’’



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