The Non-Baby Items to Use in Your Diaper Bag

As surprising as it may sound, there are A LOT of non-baby items that are actually perfect for babies' stuff and even more practical sometimes.

And you know what’s even better? When you don’t need them for your baby anymore, you can reuse them! Best investment ever!

Curious to know more about those treasures?

We made a quick and smart list below just for you!


Diaper bag

Let’s be honest here, there are so many options for diaper bags out there that choosing the best functional one can be a real headache.

But who said that, as moms, we must use an actual diaper bag?

You can perfectly choose a medium size, regular handbag that can absolutely fit all the baby’s diapering essentials and that you will still be happy to use for yourself after!

Changing mat

Same here.

Changing mat are great because they are completely waterproof. But, once your baby’s out of diaper, you will not use them anymore…

If you wish to have a longer lasting option, look for a reusable bed wetting pads for kids! They might be bigger to carry around but they can be used when potty training your little one to have some extra mattress protection.

Otherwise, a thick cotton towel can also do the trick!

Wet/dry bags

I personally like wet/dry bags a lot. They are actually a good investment as they can still be used after the diapering era. Your child can use it for their change of cloth in daycare or at school. They are also super useful to pack your wet swimsuit when you come back from the pool or the beach in summer!

Stasher bags / reusable silicone bags are also just amazing! The company offers / there is such a wide range of sizes, that you will definitely find the ones you’ll need to put your baby’s diapers or change of cloth. They are thick, waterproof, and dish washer safe so also ideal in case of an unexpected accident. And of course they can be reused for absolutely anything when baby is out of diapers!

They are also perfect for you to carry your La Petite Creme essentials! (link to diapering on the go blog on Feb 10)

Bottle warmer

Baby bottles insulated bags do their job but once your baby doesn’t need a bottle anymore, it is difficult to find them a second purpose.

Wrapping your baby’s bottle in a kitchen towel will keep it warm and if you put both in a silicone bag (yes, again!), it will work as a self-warmer container. Once the bottle is empty, you can even use the bag to stash other things! And of course, both are 100% reusable!

Babies’ items are great. But sometimes, we can find alternatives that are better for both your wallet and the environment as you can easily give them a second life.


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