We are very excited to attend our FIRST SHOW EVER with the super nice crew of The Prego Expo in Tampa Florida.

Brand new display, matching outfits, nice and comfy diaper station to try out La Petite Creme

Time to rock 'n roll!

La Petite Creme - Prego Expo Tampa 2015

Check out our Instagram for live pictures! @la.petite.creme

Show Agenda: 

12:10 pm: Organic Baby Food Presentation
12:40 pm: Labor & Delivery Presentation
1:10 pm: Cord Blood banking with Cord:Blood
1:40 pm: Pediatric 101: 10 Top New Parent Questions About Feeding
2:10 pm: Florida Hospital Midwife
2:40 pm: Florida Hospital Presentation
3:15 pm: Florida Prepaid College Board

Mini sessions
- Pediatric 101: 12:30 pm, 1 pm, 2 pm
- Cloth Diapering 101: 12:30 pm, 1:15 pm, 2 pm

Mommy & Me Demos
12:30 pm: Baby Boot Camp
1:00 pm: Mommy Moves by Music with Mar
1:30 pm:Prenatal yoga with Birthmarks
2:00 pm: Tangoflex 

UPDATE: The show is over and we had a blast.

  • Met with hundreds of expecting or new parents  
  • Had hundreds of people try, smell, feel La Petite Creme   
  • Gathered valuable feedback   
  • Made some sales  

So go to share our expertise and to see our hard work complimented! 
Thank you to all of you who visited our booth today! 

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